Last Updated: August 14, 2019

National CineMedia, LLC (together with National CineMedia, Inc., “NCM,” “Us,” or “We”) is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of NCM Sites (as defined in the Terms of Use available at (the “TOU”)). This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) discloses NCM’s information privacy practices for each Site and is intended to inform registered users and other visitors to the Sites of NCM’s data collection and use practices in connection with the Sites.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this Policy, please contact NCM by e-mail at

Registered Users.

While registration is not required to access the public areas of the Sites, it is required for access to certain areas of the Sites and the products and services provided through those areas of the Sites. The areas of the Sites requiring registration are noted on each Site, and may include additional terms and conditions applicable to the collection and use of your information.

When you provide information to NCM to register for an account, your profile information will be retained by NCM. When you identify yourself on a Site, you may identify yourself using a social network account, through which you may provide NCM with additional personal information about you. In each case, NCM will collect and record the information you provide.

Users registering for an account on one of the Sites may receive a username and password to access their account and portions of the Site available to registered users. A username and password on one of the Sites may not be valid on all Sites and separate accounts for each Site may be required. When accessing the portions of that Site available to account holders, users may be required to provide their username and password.

You are solely responsible for your account and all uses of your username and password. IN ORDER TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY, DO NOT SHARE YOUR USERNAME OR PASSWORD WITH OTHERS.

Personally Identifiable Information.

Personally identifiable information (“PII”) is information by which you may be personally identified, either directly or in combination with other information. We only collect and share personally identifiable information regarding users of the Sites as described in this Policy. Except as noted in this Policy, PII collected on the Sites is NOT sold, rented, or shared with third parties without your consent. What constitutes PII is subject to change under applicable law.

We may automatically collect PII from you when you access or use the Sites, including: 

  • domain name and IP address;
  • e-mail address;
  • contact information (including, name, address, zip code, country, and phone number);
  • age;
  • gender;
  • marital status;
  • occupation and position;
  • employer;
  • income information;
  • financial information, such as account or credit card numbers;
  • mobile phone number, mobile carrier’s name, unique identifier for a mobile device and the date, time, and content of mobile communications with NCM;
  • GPS, Bluetooth, or other location-based or geo-positioning information, including your presence within participating theatres and retail locations;
  • audit information;
  • user-specific and aggregate information on areas of the Sites accessed;
  • username and password information for each Site; and
  • other information volunteered by you, such as information provided through responses, registrations, reviews, comments, emails, postings, photographs, messages, interfaces with social networking sites (such as a profile photo, birthday and status), or other electronic submissions and communications sent by you to NCM or the Sites.


PII that NCM collects from users of the Sites (both registered and unregistered) may be used for a variety of purposes, for example to provide the services and products offered through the Sites, to fulfill prizes for NCM’s games or contests, to customize advertising and other content displayed on the Sites and/or the layout of the Sites for each individual user of the Sites, to notify users of the Sites about updates to and activities on the Sites and about goods and services that We feel may be of interest to you, to improve the content of the Sites, to analyze data and patterns regarding usage of the Sites, to contact users of the Sites for marketing purposes, and to contact users of the Sites for information verification purposes.

We may also share certain PII with third party companies so that they may offer products and services to users of the Sites that We believe will be of interest to those users. We may also share certain PII with third party ad serving companies to better target the advertising and other content displayed on the Sites and provide pertinent offers We think may be of interest to Site users. In addition, third party advertisers may receive or collect certain PII about you if you click on advertisements displayed on the Sites. Clicking on any advertisement displayed on the Sites will be considered your consent to “opt in” for this data receipt or collection.

The Sites have features that allow you to store and share your information or content with others. The Sites may include features and functions that allow you to post and share content, messages, and reviews to forums, message boards, chat rooms, or bulletin boards or to interact with other users through fantasy features or other games that We may from time to time make available. We may record and store archives of these communications and content on NCM servers. You acknowledge and consent to the recording and storage of such communications and content. If you choose to provide PII through use of these features, that information may be available to a wider community and any individuals may use or disclose PII that you chose to provide through those features to other individuals or entities not under NCM control and without your knowledge. We recommend that you avoid sharing PII through forums, message boards, chat rooms, bulletin boards and similar user interaction features of the Sites. Any action you perform or information about yourself that you share with others (including other game players) is considered public, and at your own discretion. NCM has no obligations to protect PII that you make publicly available.

NCM will maintain paper or electronic documents containing PII only as long as needed to provide you products and services. If you choose to terminate your use of the Sites and notify NCM of that termination, NCM will destroy or arrange for the destruction of documents containing PII that are within its custody or control. For the purposes of this Policy, destruction of documents may mean erasure, shredding, or other modification of the content that renders PII indecipherable through any means.

Mobile Applications.

If you use NCM mobile applications on a mobile device and your settings allow it, We may collect information about your location within participating theatres and retail locations through your mobile device’s geolocation, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or similar capabilities, including those based on the detection of signals from nearby proximity beacons and Wi-Fi networks. We will only gather this location information if you agree to share it with Us by opting-in within the applicable mobile application (either during your initial login or later) and by enabling these capabilities on your mobile device. Once you have opted-in to receive offers and information and consented to NCM’s use of location information, the mobile application will continue to collect location information (even if it is running in the background of your device) until you opt-out, log-off, or use your mobile device’s setting to disable your mobile device’s applicable geolocation, GPS, Bluetooth, or similar capabilities for the application. Please see the “Choice and Opt-out” section below for more information on how to limit the location information that We may collect from your mobile device.

Location Serving.

As part of the products and services offered by the Sites, We may display a map via the Bing Maps API or Google Maps API. Click here to view Microsoft’s Privacy Policy and click here to view Google’s Privacy Policy. If you allow a mobile Site to get your location, We may collect, depending on the capabilities of your mobile device, information about the Wi-Fi routers closest to you, cell IDs of cell towers closest to you, and the strength of your Wi-Fi or cell signal. While We use this information to return an estimated location, location data may not be accurate. Please see the “Choice and Opt-out” section below for more information on how to limit the location information that We may collect from your mobile device.

Cookies, Pixels, and Web Beacons.

“Cookies” are commonly used pieces of information in the form of small files that are placed on an individual’s computer hard drive to enable the individual to more easily communicate and interact with the Sites. We may use cookies to facilitate and enhance interaction with the Sites, for example to save user preferences, customize content of the Sites for individual users, ensure that users are not repeatedly sent the same banner ads, record session information (such as items that users add to their shopping cart), alert users to new areas that might be of interest upon return to the Sites, and save certain information about users of the Sites and others who visit the Sites. NCM does not use cookies to retrieve information from a computer that is unrelated to NCM or the Sites.

Our cookies do not collect or keep your name or other PII; however, We may link the information obtained through cookies to other PII to give Us a better understanding of your preferences, so that We can provide a more meaningful experience to you on the Sites.

We may use an outside ad serving company to display advertisements on the Sites. The ad serving company may place and collect cookies when it displays an ad on the Sites. We do not have access to information that would confirm the use of cookies by the ad serving company. We may also use third party providers to analyze data and patterns regarding use of the Sites and such third party providers may use cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels, tracking agents, or any other visitor identification technology to collect such information.

Most browsers will allow you to erase cookies from your computer hard drive, block acceptance of cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. Please refer to your browser instructions or help screen to learn more about these functions.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information and Activity Information.

In order to provide the best possible service and to allow Us to make certain internal reports and make recommendations for improving the Sites and your user experience, We collect aggregate information about the use of the Sites (including information about users accessing the Sites or playing NCM’s games), such as IP addresses, browser type, browser language, referring / exit pages and URLs, other browser history, platform type, number of clicks, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed and the order of those pages, the amount of time spent on particular pages and the date and time, device IDs such as IDFAs, ADIDs, and GAIDs, and GPS, Bluetooth and other location-based or geo-positioning information, including your presence within participating theatres and retail locations (as further described above under “Mobile Applications”) (collectively, “Activity Information”). This Activity Information allows Us to improve the content of the Sites and facilitate market research. Sometimes, We utilize the services of a third party to help Us understand this information better, although the information that is disclosed to these entities remains at all times in anonymous and non-personally identifiable form. Other than improving the Sites and the experience of visitors to the Sites, We make no other use of this information. The treatment of non-PII is subject to change in accordance with the then applicable law.

Consent to Interfacing with Social Networking Sites.

In order to enhance your experience on the Sites, NCM may retrieve and collect information about you from your account(s) on various social networking sites, but only if you voluntarily provide it to Us, in accordance with the policies and terms of the applicable social networking site. The information you allow Us to access varies by social networking site, and it is affected by the privacy settings you establish with the social networking site. By accessing or using the Sites in connection with a social networking site(s), you authorize Us to collect, store, and use in accordance with this Policy any and all information that you agreed the social network site could provide Us. In addition, some social networking sites have features which allow you to send information about your activity on the Sites back to the social networking site (for example, to be published in your profile). If you choose to use these features, then your activity on the Sites will be shared with the social networking site(s). Individuals reading this information on social networking site(s) may use it or disclose it to other individuals or entities without NCM’s control and without your knowledge.

NCM may also make certain of its applications available through social networking sites (“SNS Apps”). When you use an SNS App on your social network page or use an SNS App on someone else’s page, We may record information regarding the use of that SNS App, and We may collect other information that is visible on your social network page in accordance with the relevant terms of use associated with that page. Note that since NCM software may be served through SNS Apps, you will be subject to, and it is your responsibility to read and accept, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of applicable SNS Apps. You may also provide Us with another person’s contact information for purposes of delivering information through SNS Apps. We use this information to contact and, if necessary, remind that person that he or she has been invited to join the Sites or received content through an SNS App. All invitees are provided with the option not to receive further invitations from NCM. We may disclose such information if required to do so in order to comply with legal process, as described above.

Personal Profiles.

We may also provide you with the ability to create a personal profile or avatar on a Site containing PII provided by you and to make your personal profile or avatar available to other users of the Sites. You may adjust the scope and nature of the information you make available to other users of the Sites through your personal profile as indicated on the Sites. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INFORMATION INCLUDED IN YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE AND SHARED WITH OTHER USERS OF THE SITES. YOU SHOULD MAKE PII AVAILABLE TO OTHER USERS OF THE SITES THROUGH YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE ONLY IF YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR PII WITH OTHER USERS OF THE SITES.

Consent to the Use of Third Party Providers.

In addition to the third parties noted in this Policy, NCM may also contract with other third parties to provide various services to NCM relating to the Sites on an outsourced basis rather than performing the services itself. For example, NCM may contract with an email provider to handle the distribution of email messages to users of the Sites. Likewise, NCM may contract with a website hosting provider to host all or a portion of the Sites for NCM. NCM may also contract with third party mobile providers to enable the mobile user services provided through the Sites. We may also use a third party provider to serve ads and collect and analyze data and patterns regarding usage of the Sites. We require these third parties to keep personal information confidential, use it only for the purposes for which We disclose it to them, and to treat such information in accordance with this Policy. By visiting the Sites, all visitors consent to NCM providing both PII and non-PII received from Site users to these third party providers for the purpose of enabling the third party providers to provide these outsourced services to NCM.

In addition, all Site users consent to the collection, maintenance, and processing of their PII and non-PII by NCM and these third party providers as follows:

Cookie and Pixel Information: Cookies and pixels provide NCM and its providers with the ability to create an ID in order for NCM and its providers to match collected data to an anonymous machine including:

  • the URLs (or website address) of web pages which have been viewed;
  • the date and time of visit to a web page; and
  • whether the user has clicked on an ad of one of NCM’s advertisers, visited their website, or undertaken a transaction with them.

Session Information: This information relates to user, campaign, and interest-based history and is used for frequency capping and interest targeting. This information is gathered from websites visited and clicks registered by the user’s machine.

Request-based Information: The following information is passed to NCM and its providers by the user’s computer browser with every request and is stored entirely anonymously for statistical purposes only:

  • IP (Internet Protocol) addresses - every device connected to the Internet has an IP address. This can be used for geographic targeting and statistical measurements;
  • browser type; and
  • computer operating system.

Mobile Device Information: The following information is passed to NCM and its providers by mobile communications with NCM:

  • mobile phone number;
  • mobile carrier’s name;
  • unique identifier for a mobile device (g., IDFA, ADID, GAID, or equivalent); and
  • date, time and content of communication with NCM.

Enhancement of Personal Information.

We may combine and enhance NCM’s user database information and Activity Information with third party data and information to better target NCM advertising and provide pertinent offers in which We think Site users would be interested. Certain anonymous, aggregated data and summary demographics are also shared with third parties or used in NCM’s research for product and service offerings. Individual PII is never used in NCM’s research for product or service offerings and is never tied back to an individual user or resold for any purposes.

Service Announcements.

On occasion it is necessary to send out service-related announcements. For instance, if the Sites or any of the products or services offered through the Sites are temporarily suspended for maintenance We might send users an email notifying them of such suspension. Generally, users may not opt-out of these communications, though they can deactivate their accounts. These communications are not promotional in nature.

Special Offers and Updates.

We may send new registrants of the Sites a welcome email to verify password and username. Established members may occasionally also receive information on products, services and special deals, and periodic newsletters. Out of respect for the privacy of Site users, We present the option to not receive these types of communications. Please see the “Choice and Opt-out” section below.

Disclosure as Required by Law.

Though We make every reasonable effort to preserve user privacy, We may need to disclose PII of certain users of a Site when We have a reasonable and good-faith belief that the disclosure is necessary to enforce the TOU; comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or other legal process; or to otherwise enforce or protect NCM’s rights under applicable law, including, without limitation, NCM’s intellectual property rights. In this situation We will use reasonable efforts to provide notice of this disclosure to all affected users, to the extent reasonably possible under the circumstances.


We use reasonable physical, technical, and organizational measures to protect the information under NCM’s control against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration and unauthorized disclosure or access. While there is no such thing as “perfect security” on the Internet, We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information. For example, NCM’s policy is that only those individuals who need your PII to perform a specific job are granted access to that PII. Likewise, all employees and contractors are kept up-to-date on NCM’s security and privacy practices and must be in compliance with such practices. Furthermore, when NCM transfers and receives certain types of sensitive information such as financial or health information, it redirects visitors to a secure server. Finally, the servers on which We store PII are kept in a secure environment. While We employ the above steps, We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to NCM and you do so at your own risk.

Choice and Opt-out.

If you do not want Us to use information that We collect or that you provide to Us to deliver advertisements according to NCM’s advertisers’ target-audience preferences, if you would prefer that We not share your PII with third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes, or if you would like to stop receiving email, mail, or telephone calls from Us, you can opt-out by emailing Us as set forth below.

All opt-out requests can be made by emailing Us at: or writing Us at Attn: Customer Service, 6300 South Syracuse Way, Suite 300, Centennial, CO 80111. Certain communications from Us may also contain an unsubscribe link for you to opt-out from receiving future similar communications.

We allow third-party companies to serve ads and/or collect certain information when you visit the Sites. These companies may use PII or non-PII (e.g., click stream information, browser type, time and date, subject of advertisements clicked or scrolled over) during your visits to the Sites and other web sites or applications in order to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of interest to you. We do not control third parties’ collection or use of your information to serve interest-based advertising. To learn more about this behavioral advertising practice or to opt-out of this type of advertising, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative, a coalition of online advertising networks that provides an opportunity for consumers to opt-out of targeted advertising by member companies. It should be noted that opting out does not mean you will not see advertisements online, but these advertisements will not be targeted based on your online user interest profile.

If you access any of the Sites through a mobile device, you may adjust the settings on your mobile device to allow or prevent the sharing of location information. For example, you can disable “Location” (or “Location Services” on iOS-based devices) on your mobile device to prevent sharing your location information with NCM, or only disable “Bluetooth” to prevent the sharing of information collected via nearby Bluetooth proximity beacons. Please note that if you disable the sharing of location information, you may be unable to access some features of the Sites that are designed for mobile devices.


The Sites are not directed to children under 13 years of age and the TOU specifically prohibits use of the Sites by children under 13 years of age. Children under 13 may not use or access the Sites under any circumstances. If you are 13 or older and younger than 18 (or the age of majority in the state in which you reside), then you may access and use the Sites only if you have your parent’s or guardian’s permission. NCM does not knowingly solicit or collect personal information from children under 13 years of age. If you believe We have collected or received personal information from a child under 13, please let Us know and We will destroy that information as soon as is reasonably possible.

Other Web Sites, Links, and Widgets.

Certain websites of NCM’s affiliates, promotional partners, advertisers and sponsors and other third-party websites and third-party widgets are accessible through the Sites. These third party websites and widgets have their own terms of use and privacy and data collection policies and practices. NCM IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACTIONS OR PRIVACY POLICIES OF SUCH THIRD PARTIES. YOU SHOULD CHECK THE APPLICABLE PRIVACY POLICIES OF THOSE THIRD PARTIES WHEN PROVIDING PII THROUGH LINKED WEB SITES AND WIDGETS.

International Users.

If you are located outside of the United States, please note that the Sites are hosted on computer servers located in the United States. Therefore, your information will be processed and stored in the United States. As a result, United States federal and state governments, courts, or law enforcement or regulatory agencies may be able to obtain access to your information through applicable United States laws. Your use of a Site or your submission of any PII to Us will constitute your consent to the transfer of your PII outside of your home country, including to the United States, which foreign country may have very different data protection and privacy rules and regulations than in your home country. IF YOU DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS TRANSFER OF YOUR INFORMATION, YOU MAY NOT USE THE SITES OR ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES THEREIN.

Notification of Changes.

We will modify this Policy if NCM’s privacy practices change. We will notify you of such changes by posting the modified version of this Policy on the Sites, including the date it was last modified, and if the changes are significant, we will seek your consent to such changes, at which point, your continued use of any Site after such posting and acceptance constitutes your acceptance of the modified Policy.  The date this Policy was last modified is at the top of this page. Please periodically review this Policy so that you are familiar with the current Policy and aware of any changes.

Transfer of Information.

If NCM elects, in its reasonable discretion, to transfer ownership or control of the Sites to a third party, whether or not in the context of an acquisition of NCM or a merger of NCM with a third party, you consent to the transfer of your PII and non-PII by NCM to that third party.

Do Not Track Policy.

Some browsers have a “do not track” feature that lets you tell websites that you do not want your online activities tracked. At this time, the Sites do not respond to web browser “do not track” requests or similar signals that users may employ because a uniform technological standard has not yet been developed. We continue to review new technologies and may adopt a standard once one is created.

Contact Information.

Should you wish to review, delete, or update the personal information you provided to Us through a Site or that NCM retains about you, or if you have other inquiries concerning this Policy or the Sites in general, please email Us at

Thank you for visiting the Sites.