'Twas the Night Opened 'Star Wars'

Zachary Knight

'Twas the night opened "Star Wars," when all through the world,

odd creatures were stirring, every fan boy and girl.

They pre-ordered tickets, studied showtimes with care,

in hopes that no spoilers would soon reach their ear.

They packed midnight theaters, not snug in their beds,

while film frames of lightsabers danced in their heads.

When old friends appeared, fans would all clap,

they looked on in wonder at BB-8's map.

At FML there arose such a clatter,

as daily split price debates filled up the Chatter.

Could "Sisters" win bonus or a chipmunk named Alvin,

would best value fly the Millenium Falcon?

Sunday "Star Wars" and "Chipmunks" both nearly won,

Friday earned bonus faster than Kessel Runs.

Thursday previews pushed its value to $147k,

earning an extra $2 million for Poe, Finn, and Rey.

FML2015AwardsWeek03Perfect_sm.png 7 perfect cinemas earned $152.5 million with Friday 'Star Wars,' two 'Hunger Games,' three 'Krumpus,' one 'Spotlight,' and one 'Brooklyn.'

For the first time perfection was more films than four,

three "Krumpus," two "Hunger Games," were at its core.

Friday's "Star Wars" was key to getting it right,

flawless included "Brooklyn" and "Spotlight."

No one has been ideal twice this season,

Just seven more perfect this week is a reason.

Retained the same leader from last week, how fun,

The current top-scorer is Mmmmmmm ... Ciné Bonne.

"Star Wars" daily strikes back, which one should you buy?

Do or do not, there is no try.

Four Christmas debuts, and one two days prior,

this is the week for challenge desire.

Can Jennifer Lawrence bring bonus holiday "Joy,"

will "The Big Short" expose greedy banks' ploy?

Can "Point Break" return sans Keanu and Swayze,

or will "Concussion" leave FML owners all hazy?

Can "Daddy's Home" be the best of the new bunch?

"Star Wars" will win, I just have a hunch.

Make the perfect lineup here! Know the answers, you do.

Happy "Star Wars" to all! May The Force be with you!