'Creed' Delivers Knockout Punch

Zachary Knight

Thanksgiving Eve provided a heaping helping of early releases and expansions. FML owners had a cornucopia of extra box office data as they locked in their final cinemas of the Fall season. Overpriced newcomers "The Good Dinosaur" and "Victor Frankenstein" clearly lacked bonus potential. But audiences went back for seconds on several holiday leftovers.

A great divide separated the five most-screened films from the rest of the field. All five were multi-screened in at least 17 percent of FML cinemas. Most people relied heavily on the upside of "Creed," which earned $29.6 million from Friday to Sunday. More than 21 percent of imaginary cineplexes maxed out on the critically-acclaimed seventh "Rocky" film by putting it on four screens.

"Spotlight's" continued theater expansion attracted the second-highest usage, while the strong staying power of "The Peanuts Movie," "The Night Before," and "Spectre" enticed a large percentage of bonus chasers. The five most-screened films all delivered top-five value for the first time in FML's history.

The most common cinema included three screens of "Creed," four "Peanuts," and one "Secret In Their Eyes." It made $11.2 million less than the perfect cineplex in terms of raw box office.

FMLFallWeek13PerfectSun_sm.png 193 perfect cinemas made $165.5 million with three 'Creed' screens, four 'Spectre' screens, and one 'Love the Coopers.'

"Spectre" opened the weekend leading the bonus charge, but "Spotlight" and "Creed" gained in Sunday estimates. In the end Bond prevailed with $149,858 per bux, edging out "Spotlight's" $145,009 per bux. The 193 perfect cinemas earned $165.5 million with three screens of "Creed," four "Spectre" screens, and one "Love the Coopers."

Congratulations to House of M, FML's Fall season champion! House of M snuck into the lead for the first time by landing the perfect cinema this week and was one of only nine cineplexes with five perfect cinemas on the season.

And congratulations to the theater formerly known as Multiplex 37 Cinema. M37 has the highest total across both seasons. Here's FML's all-time top 12 through its first two seasons, spanning 28 weeks.


Get ready for the 13-week Awards season, which starts this weekend and culminates with The Oscars on February 28th. FML's rule-masters reduced the best-value bonus back down to its original $2 million per screen. And the perfect cinema bonus has been halved to $5 million. Everything else remains the same. Be on the lookout for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" daily options in Week 3.

Two very different films join the FML slate to kick off the Awards season. Can "The Letters" win the bonus as Mother Teresa brings the true spirit of the holidays to FML cinemas? Or will "Krampus" the holiday demon rule the box office as he culls the naughty from the nice? You know the answers. Make the perfect lineup here!