Coming Soon: Wonder Woman 1984

Becky Aurit

Back in the 80s, listening to children's books read aloud on cassette tapes was all the rage. One of my favorite tape and book sets was a Wonder Woman comic called "Cheetah on the Prowl."

In the comic, Wonder Woman used her magic lasso to use part of a mountain to plug a dam that had been blown up by the Cheetah, thus saving the good people of some random town from flooding. It sounds ridiculous, but it was pretty impressive to me as a small child. Because of my happy memories of that comic, the trailer for "Wonder Woman 1984" appeals to my nostalgia, and has me excited to see the movie this summer.

The preview opens with a scene of Wonder Woman and Kristen Wiig's character drinking wine on a balcony. Wonder Woman reminisces about her lost love, Steve Trevor. Fortunately for her, he doesn't stay lost for long, as it is quickly revealed that Chris Pine's character is still alive and has not aged. The "Wonder Woman 1984" trailer doesn't reveal how he survived after the last movie, but somehow he did.

The best parts of the "Wonder Woman 1984" trailer are the action scenes and the costumes. The titular character spends lots of time fighting villains with her lasso, set to the New Order song Blue Monday. In addition to her iconic costume, Wonder Woman sports gold armor and some fabulous 80s dresses.

While it is a lengthy preview, the "Wonder Woman 1984" preview doesn't reveal a lot about the details of the movie, including Kristin Wigg's role as the Cheetah. Still I am excited to see it when it hits theaters the weekend of June 5-7.

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