Coming Soon: Mulan

Becky Aurit

I've only seen the original "Mulan" once. As a moody teenager, I didn't fall into the Disney demographic. In spite of not being a fan of the animated "Mulan," I actually enjoyed the trailer for the new live-action version, and am looking forward to seeing it this spring.

"Mulan" tells the story of a young woman who dresses as a man and joins the army, in order to keep her father from being drafted. While in the military, she helps to keep China safe from Northern invaders.

The opening scene shows Mulan being dressed up and decorated with elaborate makeup. As a textile enthusiast, the costumes in this trailer are a highlight, which is something that can't be achieved with animation.

The scene where Mulan's father volunteers to serve in the army in spite of his injuries and advanced age is touching. Mulan's fearlessness in the face of war is equally powerful, especially since she enlists out of love of family.

The highly choreographed fight scenes in the "Mulan" trailer are also great. Mulan wielding her father's sword and leaping between rooftops will look great on the big screen.

Finally, I think it is refreshing to see Disney finally make a live-action remake that is primarily made up of actual human actors. While CGI gives us some great landscapes in "Mulan," the core of the movie seems to be focused on feelings and familial relationships, which requires human performances.

"Mulan" is in theaters the weekend of March 27-29, and should be a hit at the box office and in Fantasy Movie League.

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