Coming Soon: The Gentlemen

Becky Aurit

I tend to find Guy Ritchie movies to be hit or miss. "Snatch" and "Sherlock Holmes" were enjoyable; "King Arthur" not so much. This week I watched the trailer for Ritchie's latest flick; "The Gentlemen."

"The Gentlemen" is an action crime movie, as are many of Ritchie's pictures. In "The Gentlemen," Matthew McConaughey plays a business person from Oklahoma, who has established a large drug trade in London. When he decides to get out of the business, several interesting characters show up to take it from him.

The highlight of the trailer for "The Gentlemen" is the ensemble cast. In addition to McConaughey, it features actors like Michelle Dockery, Charlie Hunnam, and Colin Farrell. The majority of this clip features McConaughey's character telling Henry Golding an allegory about a Lion and a Dragon. I'll watch Henry Golding in anything, except the mess that was "Last Christmas."

Honestly, it is hard to tell if a Guy Ritchie movie will be entertaining, since he can usually string together enough one liners and action sequences to entertain someone for two minutes. On one hand, there is a fairly funny bit in the preview where a character is more concerned with washing has hands than with the dead body that is in front of him. On the other hand, there is also a cringe-worthy joke about the name Phuc.

"The Gentlemen" comes to theaters the weekend of January 24-26. It seems like a January dumping-ground type of movie, but its chances in Fantasy Movie League are yet to be determined.

Watch the trailer for "The Gentlemen" on YouTube

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