Coming Soon: Fantasy Island

Becky Aurit

After the success of movies like "Charlie's Angels" (2019) and "Baywatch," the box office is clearly looking to have more TV shows brought to the big screen, right? Maybe not, but the folks are Blumhouse have decided to give it a try. This week I watched the trailer for "Fantasy Island," a horror film based on the 1970s television show, which will be in theaters just in time for Valentine's Day.

To be honest, most of my knowledge of the "Fantasy Island" show comes from jokes from "The Simpsons." There is a mysterious man named Mr. Roarke. In the movie the character is played by Michael Peña, not Kahn from"Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn."

Roarke has an assistant who seems to be responsible for spotting airplanes for him. Given that this is a Blumhouse movie, the assistant is now played by an attractive young woman (Charlotte McKinney.) That's to be expected in the horror genre.

The trailer for "Fantasy Island" starts off in a manner that appears to mirror the set up for the television show, or so I am guessing based on my unreliable knowledge of popular culture. A group of strangers, including Maggie Q and a Pretty Little Liar, arrive on a tropical island, and are promised that they are going to experience their greatest fantasies.

Midway through the preview, however, it becomes clear that the fantasies are not what they seem. Maggie Q has an ominous reunion with a family member. The Pretty Little Liar keeps saying that the fantasies will involve holograms, "like Tupac." Spoiler alert, they do not.

Overall, "Fantasy Island," looks like a solid horror movie, though the television toe-in may hurt it at the box office. "Fantasy Island" comes to theaters the weekend of February 14-16. I think it's best chances at a successful opening comes from the fact that it will be competing with "Sonic the Hedgehog" when it comes to new release.

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