FML Spotlight

Jeffery Barefoot

Welcome to the weekly FML Spotlight! My name is Jeffery but you may know me better as Katniss Cinnaplex. Each week I'll be highlighting the top players in each of the public leagues (FML League, Monthly Matchup and Season Showdown) and tracking the race to the top of the leaderboards.

The post-Thanksgiving blues struck again on what has historically been a down weekend at the box office. Expectations of mid-40s for Frozen 2 ended up being just a dream as it dropped nearly 60% in its third weekend to earn only $35 million. Playmobil: The Movie released this weekend advertising $5.00 movie tickets for every showing! Unfortunately, that campaign did not draw in the crowds as it opened to the third lowest gross of any movie opening in over 2,000 theaters. Dark Waters expanded from 94 to 2012 theaters and surpassed projections on its way to earning the best performer (BP) bonus. The perfect cineplex (PC) this weekend consisted of Frozen 2, two screens of Ford v Ferrari and five screens of Dark Waters.

Season Showdown

Awards season is upon us; the Golden Globes announced their nominees on Monday morning just before the weekend results rolled in. As with every season, the leaderboard starts out with a huge tie for first place. This time that tie includes 128 players who nailed the PC. Try not to stress too much if you don't see your name near the top; last season's winner See You Soon (IOU) began the Fall season in 1,988th place and was able to make it all the way to the top. As a reminder, the prizes for Season Showdown are as follows:
First Place: One year of movie tickets for two (awarded in the form of a $1,300 Fandango Promotional Code)
Second Place: $500 Fandango Promotional Code
Third Place: $250 Fandango Promotional Code

Exactly zero of the 19 players entering the week with two consecutive PCs were able to hit a third. We now shift over to seven players with two straight PCs: ConsultFantasy Pictures, AMCuL8r, Beyond JokerDome, ByCracky Studios, jostrawski's Cineplex, Rexie's Cineplex & The Forest Again.

Monthly Matchup

The December contest started up this weekend and brings a fresh start for everyone who was snubbed last month. Only 68 players secured the perfect cineplex but there are almost 200 more within $10 million of the lead. This month only has four weeks so don't wait too long to make your move. The top three at the end of the month will earn cash gift cards of $1000, $250 and $100 respectively.

The FML League

The FML League is the one-stop, go-to league for all players in Fantasy Movie League. Each week brings us a new contest; ties are almost guaranteed so you really need to be on top of your tiebreaker game. The tiebreaker this week was to predict the third weekend gross for Frozen 2 : $35,165,614. It was a very tight battle in the PC race with Ford v Ferrari and Queen & Slim both costing $94 FMLbux. Saturday and Sunday estimates had them neck and neck in gross and that stayed all the way through actuals. In the end, Ford v Ferrari inched ahead by just $12,451 securing two screens in the PC. There were 260 players with some combination of those two in the second and third lineup position - 177 of whom chose the correct two screens. With Frozen 2 having such a poor showing, it was difficult to find anyone close on the tiebreaker that actually used it in their lineup. Scrolling through the tiebreakers, I discovered that only TWO players were within a million on the tiebreaker and played the PC. A huge round of applause to Tokyo no Gojira and this week's winner - Simply Cineplex!

This coming weekend players will be competing for a cast-signed Friday the 13th Jason mask along with an FML "Winner" t-shirt. Good luck, and don't forget to set those tiebreakers!

Disclaimer: all winners eligibility must be confirmed by Fantasy Movie League before receiving prizes.