Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

December Doldrums

Sometimes, even the biggest properties in the world can't save the market. "Frozen II" wins an ugly weekend with a gross of $35,165,614, a drop of nearly 60% from its record-breaking Thanksgiving weekend. Still though, best I can tell, "Frozen II" still managed the best post-Thanksgiving weekend ever, beating its predecessor's $31.6M gross on this same weekend. "Frozen II" has now surpassed "Joker" on the domestic box office rankings to seventh place and hot on the heels of "Aladdin's" $356M domestic haul. "Frozen II" still has plenty of time and holidays in the market - "Frozen" made a little over $200M between now and MLK day in January, meaning "Frozen II" certainly has a chance to catch "The Lion King's" $544M domestic take before it ends its run.

Bad Neighbors

FML has an addiction. And that addiction is to screening "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" like it's a Best Performer contender. Last week, the "Beautiful Day" x7 lineup was the second-most common Cineplex, and if you played that… Well, you're probably glad it was the last week of the month/season. And if you're one of the 560 who played "Frozen II"/"Beautiful Day" x5/"Midway"/"The Good Liar," you might have a long month/season ahead. "Beautiful Day" ended up outside the top half of $/Bux value and the MPC ends up around $20M behind your Perfect Cineplex gross.

Dark and Full of Terror

Most times, FML is a bit of a microeconomics game where players are evaluating each movie's weekend prospects. Some weeks though, the macroeconomics prove to be what matters. This is something I've discussed in the past with my friend 'The Devil' prior to his weekly over/under post on the Main Chatter. (I think I should clarify that 'The Devil' is a handle a well-known FML player uses. I'm not having discussions with the any supernatural beings here. Although, he's really good at FML, so he may be a supernatural being for all I know. I think I've said too much.) When pricing misses on that overall macroeconomic trend of the weekend, there is sometimes a new movie on the slate that becomes the de facto "everything else is terrible" BP play. That's what played out this week for "Dark Waters." The Focus Features' expander was priced about right at its 2,000 theater count, but nothing else showed up for the BP fight this week, giving it the win with a gross of $3,996,275, which translated to $79,926/Bux. No movie that managed to beat FML Pricing's assumed $80k/Bux bar to compete for the bonus. Your PC ends up on the low end as well with "Frozen II"/"Ford v Ferrari" x2/"Dark Waters" x5, which grossed $83,457,261 after including $15M in bonuses. That PC total also uses eight unique integers, which I just enjoy in general.

Few more notes before we go…

"The Lion King" ends its domestic box office run at $543.6M. That puts it at 11th on the all-time domestic rankings, as it pulled just ahead of "The Dark Knight" late in its run.

"Toy Story 4" ends its dometic box office run at $434.0M. That makes it tops for the "Toy Story" series, but only third all-time for animation powerhouse Pixar, as it finished well behind "Incredibles 2's" $608.6M as well as "Finding Dory's" $486.3M.

"It: Chapter 2" wraps up its domestic run at $211.6M, well off the $327.5M earned by "It" in 2017. "It 2" ends at #16 on the all-time rankings for R-rated movies, just $4M behind "A Star is Born's" $215.3M domestic take.

Time to Level Up

Things aren't going to kick into hyperdrive quite yet for the box office, but we'll certainly be seeing some high grosses thanks to the release of "Jumanji: The Next Level." Somehow, "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" is still Sony's highest domestic grosser ever, so expectations should be high. We'll additionally be getting the biopic "Richard Jewell" that will be attract an older crowd, and "Black Christmas" looks to take advantage of Friday the 13th and bring out the young'uns in force. Set your lineup by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!