Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

Do You Want to Build a Giant Stack of Cash?

No big shocker as "Frozen II" easily wins the box office this weekend, raking in $85,977,773 over the three-day Thanksgiving frame. That breaks the record previously held by "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," which grossed $74M over Thanksgiving weekend in 2013. That puts "Frozen II" up to $288.8M through 10 days on the market. That puts it at 17th all time in domestic earnings for an animated release. It's also nearly doubling up the original "Frozen" through 10 days in wide release, but it remains to be seen if "Frozen II" has the incredible staying power of the original that got it to #7 on that same rankings list. For FML purposes, Pricing once again gave "Frozen II" a steep mountain to climb for all three days of its grosses, with all three days coming up short of inclusion in the Best Performer race or the Perfect Cineplex.

Fire Extinguisher

Thanksgiving weekend has traditionally been a bit of a "gimme" week for FML sharps historically. After all, with every new movie generally opening on Wednesday and years of historical trends that tend to be consistent, the week is normally over well before lock. In fact, some idiot claimed days ago on the FML Discord that this would be an easy week with no possible chance at any movement in the season or monthly standings. (That idiot, in case you didn't ascertain, was me. I say a lot of crazy stuff on the FML Discord. Feel free to join!) Only 263 FMLers ended up on this week's Most Played Cineplex of "Frozen II" Saturday x2/"Playing With Fire" x5/"Midway" x1, hardly a large number of the player base. None of those movies finished in the top three of the BP race, and none ended up in the PC. That latter fact isn't too shocking, given that 14 movies on the slate weren't in the PC.

The Real Slim Shady

Generally, when a new release seems to be breaking out on Thanksgiving, the player base is all over it - so what happens when two new releases are poised for a breakout? Well, the plurality discussed above. Throughout the weekend, the BP race looked to be "Knives Out" for the taking, but the final actuals ended up tipping juuuust in favor of the other new release, "Queen & Slim," which finished well above expectations at $11,890,490, or $99,920/Bux. That's just $405/Bux ahead of 2nd place "Knives Out." That BP gives us our THIRD 8x PC of the month, as "Queen & Slim" x8 nets the PC for 102 players and grosses $116,123,920 after including $19M in bonuses.

One more box office note before we close the books on November and the Fall Season in FML:
"Joker" has now surpassed "It's" domestic gross, putting it at #4 all-time for an R rated gross. It might need to sprout wings to catch "American Sniper" at third, but getting to 4th is an incredible achievement.

Going Mobil

The weekend after Thanksgiving is traditionally a dead weekend, and that's evident in our two new releases this weekend: the expansion of specialty release "Dark Waters" and our new wide release, "Playmobil: The Movie." My only question is how Playmobil got a movie before Mega Blocks, the more superior Lego also-ran, but I think Playmobil is big in Europe perhaps? Anyway, set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!