Fantasy Movie League Spotlight

Jeffery Barefoot

Hello fellow FMLers!

Welcome to the weekly FML Spotlight! My name is Jeffery but you may know me better as Katniss Cinnaplex. Each week I'll be highlighting the top players in each of the public leagues (FML League, Monthly Matchup and Season Showdown) and tracking the race to the top of the leaderboards.

It was another slow weekend at the box office with only one movie bypassing $9 million. Ford v Ferrari was the lone bright spot, coming in right around the pro forecasts of $32 million. Charlie's Angels failed to connect with audiences and ended up being the worst value on the slate. On Saturday, estimates gave the best performer (BP) bonus to Last Christmas and a projected perfect cineplex (PC) of eight screens of Last Christmas. Sunday's update flipped the table completely with Playing with Fire earning the BP and sweeping the PC screens. Playing with Fire was able to hold on as most of the weekend actuals came in lower than estimated on Sunday.

Season Showdown

One week removed from a consensus top 27 brings us to SIX different lineups in the top ten! The most popular BP picks in the top ten were Last Christmas, Midway, Harriet and Doctor Sleep. Since none of those movies were able to capture the bonus it all ended up being a wash. AP dropped two spots to seventh, Harry1528's Cineplex dropped one spot to 8th and Winning is Just the Beginning dropped out of the top ten to 11th. Taking their spot is Late Joining Cineplex (IOU) who moves from 14th to tenth. The highest ranked player with the PC was Raish Mamoe ® who jumped 105 spots all the way to 16th overall!

Athena couldn't secure a fourth straight PC so we shift the streak over to Odin's Eleven. Odin's three consecutive PCs have moved them up from 1,405th to 270th!

Monthly Matchup

Only 10 players in the top 320 of the November contest played the PC this week; those players now make up the entire top 10 heading into week four. Here are the new leaders: Odin's Eleven, Raish Mamoe ®, Ari's Amphitheater of Moving Pictures, Cinema Connoisseur, Corriganjt's Cineplex, Dubs ®, Riverdale, At Home Projecte®, Sudden Valley, Lindi's Cineplex.

The FML League

The FML League is the one-stop, go-to league for all players in Fantasy Movie League. Each week brings us a new contest; ties are almost guaranteed so you really need to be on top of your tiebreaker game. The tiebreaker this week was to predict the opening weekend gross for Ford v Ferrari : $31,474,958. Only 97 players sniffed out the rare 8x PC and just ten of those predicted within a million of the tiebreaker. These four players guessed within $500,000: Raish Mamoe ®, ParZeval's Cineplex, shaunmstanley's Cineplex, and this week's winner…Roeckies's Cineplex! Roeckie is now the proud new owner of the Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith signed Charlie's Angels photo!

This coming weekend players will be competing for a Frozen figurine signed by Idina Menzel along with an FML "Winner" t-shirt. Good luck, and don't forget to set those tiebreakers!

Disclaimer: all winners eligibility must be confirmed by Fantasy Movie League before receiving prizes.