FML Spotlight

Jeffery Barefoot

Hello fellow FMLers!

Welcome to the weekly FML Spotlight! My name is Jeffery but you may know me better as Katniss Cinnaplex. Each week I'll be highlighting the top players in each of the public leagues (FML League, Monthly Matchup and Season Showdown) and tracking the race to the top of the leaderboards.

There was plenty of excitement to go around this week. Gemini Man and The Addams Family went head-to-head in what was projected to be a tight battle for second place behind Joker. As of last week, the pros were predicting Gemini Man to beat The Addams Family by $3,000,000. By Tuesday the tides had turned with The Addams Family forecasted for a $5.7 million win. When all was said and done Gemini Man was beaten out by nearly 10 million! Joker continued its incredible run with just a 43% drop in its second weekend and became the largest October second weekend ever in the process. The third new release, Jexi, was a huge disappointment earning only $3.1 million - less than half of its $6.5 million long-range forecast. Pain and Glory also made the slate, but an expansion into 23 theaters wasn't nearly enough to make a dent as it locked up the worst value. The best performer (BP) this weekend was none other than The Lion King which added 653 new theaters for the holiday weekend. This week's perfect cineplex (PC) included two screens of The Addams Family, two Abominable, one screen of Downton Abbey and three screens of The Lion King.

Season Showdown

The most popular lineup this week ended up being the perfect lineup which means things are pretty static in the season leaderboard. Magical Sparkle Pony was the only one in last week's top 10 that didn't hit the PC and dropped back to 40th. This absence shifted everyone up one spot and moved MeRmaid Megaplex into the top 10.

EJ Breaks the Internet extended their PC streak to three this week! Here are EJ's ranks in season showdown for the past five weeks: 2365, 1071, 262, 64, and 49. Will they be able to keep up this trend and break into the top 10?

Monthly Matchup

Just two weeks into October and we are down to 14 players with perfect records. Here's a look at who we are looking up at: Straight Outta Competence, EJ Breaks the Internet, Be kind rewind, The Forest Again, TBFL, Todd M Thatcher, Circle of Life (IOU), ChrisFHD (IOU), BadKitty Does the Hustle ®, The Magnificent 7 & IMAX, Random, BeKindGirlFriday, Hamburger Dinner Theater, and AethelredtheUnready (IOU). Check back in next week to see which of these were able to hit three straight PCs!

The FML League

The FML League is the one-stop, go-to league for all players in Fantasy Movie League. Each week brings us a new contest; ties are almost guaranteed so you really need to be on top of your tiebreaker game. The tiebreaker this week was to predict the second weekend gross for Joker: $55,861,403. There were 390 players in contention for the prize pending their tiebreakers. A difference of five million was only good enough for 61st place while three million put you in the top 31 spots. Only five players were within $500,000 of the tiebreaker, but it was The Matrix who came in clutch with a guess of $55,979,121 to win the cast-signed The Addams Family poster from the 1991 film. Congrats!

This coming weekend players will be competing for a Maleficent poster signed by Angelina Jolie along with an FML "Winner" t-shirt. Good luck, and don't forget to set those tiebreakers!

Disclaimer: all winners eligibility must be confirmed by Fantasy Movie League before receiving prizes.