Would You Like To Build A Lineup?

Lindsay Chrapko

Each Thursday I'll give a little breakdown on how to build your lineup with the information readily available to everyone, especially if you don't know where to start.

this can always change pending preview numbers and are by no means a guarantee to win

FML Legend (so you aren't completely lost)

BP - Best Performer; earns you an extra $2 million to your cinema, this is the "highest Box Office per FML Buck"

PC - Perfect Cineplex; earns you an extra $5 million to your cinema, this when you elect the perfect lineup "resulting in the highest possible total Box Office score plus any bonuses already earned."

WP - Worst Performer; this is the worst movie based on Box Office per FML Box spent

TC - Theatre Count; how many theatres the movie will be appearing in, this will up or down depending on how long the movie has been out for, special events etc

BB/Bar - Bonus Bar; this is the predicted value a movie needs to meet/exceed to be your BP contender.

Holdover - a movie that is in its second or more week on the slate.

Slate - the 15 movies you get to choose from each week :)

Anchor - The movie most likely to helm your cineplex; this can be anything from the movie that will make the most Box Office money over the weekend, or multiples of the same movie that helms your cineplex.

GOAT - 20th Century Flops. No more information required. :D

Blargh. I am not having a good season. Not only am I not taking my own advice, I've yet again succumbed to the 2xFri play. Vincent Pricing has done so well this season that I think he deserves a special award!!

We all knew that "Joker" would be king of the weekend and your BP, but Sunday slide in when actuals came in and stole the BP from Friday. Well played "Joker", well played.

Onto this week! "Double Feature" is back in play. It's taking up a spot on the lower end of the slate and is combining the Boxoffice totals of "Peanut Butter Falcon" and "Hobbs and Shaw".

Cineplex Builder>>

Ohhhhh…..spicy. The Cineplex Builder has us starting at a $65k value for our bonus bar. That's going to be very close to where I think a lot of players are placing theirs.

Bonus Bar>>

This gap between the Cineplex Builder and Guyett has been slowly closing. Guyett has his bar set at $66.5k this week. Guyett is giving away all my secrets by mentioning that it is Canadian Thankgiving this week end. shakes fist :D Oh, and there's like Columbus Day or something as well. (My Canadian bias is strong this week LOL) Basically, expect a bit of a softer drop for Sunday and play accordingly.


This week's BSA is telling us that "Jexi" is a terrible option in every respect. It may even wind up being the WP this week. A lot of players are in agreement with this and none of them are confident that "Jexi" will make it into any lineup.

Fandango Check>>

Phil has half the Fandango Check up this week. He'll most likely get it updated before lock. The link is active and is always good to take a look at.

Weekly Comps>>

Waco has done an excellent job helping people find comparisons for the main movies on the slate. This will hopefully be a permanent link going forward to help you understand what movies you can look at to make an informed decision.

Boxoffice Pro>>

BOP has "The Addams Family" coming in hot and taking BP for the weekend. With only 5 estimates though, it leaves a lot of question marks. Their estimates also state that "Joker" will be your second value and "Gemini Man" will be third.

Boxoffice Report>>

BOR is also saying that "The Addams Family" will be the best value on the slate. Giving us a little more information to go off of, he's also got "Joker" a distant second then "Hustlers" third.

Boxoffice Mojo>>

Completing the trifecta yet again, Mojo also has "The Addams Family" handily taking BP, with "Joker" behind it, just like the other two pros. In third, Mojo has "Downton Abbey".

Pros are all in agreement again this week but WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!…….

Theatre Counts>>

Well hello there "The Lion King". What did you do?? Oh, you got a substantial TC increase with an additional 653 theatres (that's a 63% increase) and you only cost $7 bux? Hmmm….

"Good Boys" got hit hard and lost 63% of its theatres, "Ad Astra" lost 42% and "Rambo: Last Blood"lost 37%.

I don't think anyone saw that TC increase for "The Lion King" coming and now we really don't know what to do. It does seem like a bit of a no brainer, but I also played 2xFri "Joker". It's also why sometimes you got to put a little leg work in and not rely solely on the pros, because usually they don't do estimates for the bottom part of the slate.

I had pretty much decided on what I was going to anchor with this week, but I'm now completely undecided on what to do with everything else.