Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

Last Laugh

No big surprises with "Joker" dominating the weekend, but the big question was how high (or low) it would go. Projections were borderline unbelievable off "Joker's" strong festival premiere, capped off with the prestigious Golden Lion award at Venice. (For context, the last two winners were "Roma" and "Shape of Water.") However, cracks in the armor started showing when "Joker's" reviews came in a little softer than initially expected, and the final days leading up to its release yielded more negative press than expected regarding both the movie and those involved. So did all that late press hurt "Joker?" Not really. "Joker" scored an astounding $96,202,337 over its opening weekend, crushing "Venom's" October record of an $80M opening last weekend. That opening is also about $3M ahead of DC's big event movie from two years ago, "Justice League," and just behind "Wonder Woman's" stellar debut.

Meanwhile, here in FML, Pricing decided to take an ill-advised bet against "Joker's" dizzying projections, putting it at only needing just around $85M to have any of its three days within striking distance of the Best Performer Bonus. Given its overperformance of FML's expectations, it should come as no shock that the three individual days ended up top three in the $/value rankings.

Good Friday?

After "Joker's" eye-popping $13.3M Thursday preview gross, many FMLers decided to load up on Friday as much as possible, with 544 players screening the most played cineplex of Friday x2/"Judy"/"Angel Has Fallen" x3/"The Peanut Butter Falcon" x2. Friday x2 had numerous PC options, with various iterations of viable PCs littering the most played lineups, with six of nine lineups played by at least 100 FMLers starting with Friday x3.
Friday looked to be in the driver's seat through early estimates and studio estimates, with not many veteran FMLers anticipating a big Sunday to flip the script. Surely, Friday had this in the bag, right?

Better Sunday

Or not. "Joker" posted a strong Sunday hold to turn the weekend on its head. "Joker's" Sunday of $24,374,841 represented just a 24% decline from Saturday's gross, well ahead of Pricing's expectations of about a 30% dip. That locked up a BP win for Sunday and gave us a PC of Sunday x3/"It: Chapter Two"/"Judy" x2/"Angel Has Fallen" x2, which grossed $99,749,054 after including $11M in bonuses. Well done to the 152 players who screened this week's PC.

They Do Want They Want to Do, Say What They Want to Say

After a couple weeks with just a lone new wide release, we get three this upcoming weekend. The largest of these figures to be a showdown between the animated reboot of "The Addams Family" and the Ang Lee/Will Smith collaboration, "Gemini Man." Lastly, looking to nab a few eyes that are looking for a laugh is "Jexi." Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!