Coming Soon: Black Christmas

Becky Aurit

It's October now, so it is time to start thinking about Christmas, right? Okay, maybe it is a little early, but since this week's trailer is for a Christmas themed horror movie, it still seems seasonally appropriate. "Black Christmas" is an upcoming scary movie from Blumhouse Productions, that is hitting theaters just in time for Santa's visit.

"Black Christmas" is a remake of a 1974 flick directed by Bob Clark, of "Porky's" and "A Christmas Story" fame. The movie takes place on a college campus, where sorority members are being killed by a mysterious robed killer. Unfortunately for the killer, the sisters decide to fight back.

My initial reaction to the "Black Christmas" was a bit of a petty one. The first half of the preview is set to "Jingle Bell Rock," which is a song that I truly loathe. It is obviously meant as a tribute to "Mean Girls, since the women are dressed as sexy Santas, but I don't care. In college I worked in the Christmas section of a department store one year, and there was a Santa that danced to "Jingle Bell Rock" set up by the cash register. That song is burned into my brain.

Aside from the poor selection of music for the preview, "Black Christmas" seems like a fun little horror movie. There are a few holiday-themed killings, like a stabbed with an icicle. Cary Elwes is featured as a professor in the movie, who is pretty clearly associated with the killings. Finally, I like the girl power message about women working together, which is something that is frequently missing from horror films.

"Black Christmas" opens the weekend of December 13-15. Back in December 2015, "Krampus" shook things up in Fantasy Movie League, and I think that "Black Christmas" could do the same.

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