Would you like to build a lineup?

Lindsay Chrapko

Each Thursday I'll give a little breakdown on how to build your lineup with the information readily available to everyone, especially if you don't know where to start.

this can always change pending preview numbers and are by no means a guarantee to win

FML Legend (so you aren't completely lost)

BP - Best Performer; earns you an extra $2 million to your cinema, this is the "highest Box Office per FML Buck"

PC - Perfect Cineplex; earns you an extra $5 million to your cinema, this when you elect the perfect lineup "resulting in the highest possible total Box Office score plus any bonuses already earned."

WP - Worst Performer; this is the worst movie based on Box Office per FML Box spent

TC - Theatre Count; how many theatres the movie will be appearing in, this will up or down depending on how long the movie has been out for, special events etc

BB/Bar - Bonus Bar; this is the predicted value a movie needs to meet/exceed to be your BP contender.

Holdover - a movie that is in its second or more week on the slate.

Slate - the 15 movies you get to choose from each week :)

Anchor - The movie most likely to helm your cineplex; this can be anything from the movie that will make the most Box Office money over the weekend, or multiples of the same movie that helms your cineplex.

GOAT - 20th Century Flops. No more information required. :D

"Hustlers" hustled its way into the PC last week, anchoring the line and also being BP. Well done to all who played it, and who got the correct filler for the PC.

This week we see the introduction to the "Double Feature" which will take the combined box office of two movies. This week that will be the combination of "Good Boys" and "The Lion King". It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Cineplex Builder>>

The Cineplex Builder has us starting at $69.5k this week. I can definitely see the bar going higher. Mine is at $75k.

Bonus Bar>>

Guyett has decided to go with $72.5k this week for his bonus bar. I still think that's a little low. Some things to take into consideration are the inaugural "Double Feature" which is a combination of "The Lion King" and "Good Boys", we've never had this before and could play into your lineup this weekend. Also, there may be tempered expectations for "Downton Abbey" and "Ad Astra", the former due to a fan based audience and the latter due to the rollercoaster of hits and misses of sci-fi space movies that have been released over the years.


BSWhite is a big "Downton Abbey" fan. He believes it'll win the box office this week as well as having a good Thursday preview number. Even with all that, he's saying that "Downton Abbey" will not be BP nor factor in the PC this week. Pricing basically took it out of contention.

EEK!! There are slim pickin's this week for informational threads. Phil's Fandango Check isn't playing nice with the "Double Feature" so he won't be able to post it until much later, if at all. I do have it on good authority that Phil has "The Goldfinch" in his DOA tier. We are also missing Sulli's Drive In Report, which would have been nice to see especially what "Rambo: Last Blood" gets paired with, and Waco Kid and Nux's Comps come out later tonight/tomorrow. Those are the essential threads to keep an eye out for over the next 16 or so hours.

Noteworthy Threads>>

Lola, the Lone Wolf, is taking on the newcomers this week. She has "Rambo: Last Blood" as her top pick whereas "Ad Astra" is her WP. There's some great debate happening in that thread and is worth a lookieloo.

Boxoffice Pro>>

Another week with another 5 estimates from BOP. They take on the new releases and the two biggest holdovers. They have "Ad Astra" as their best value, with "IT: Chapter 2" and "Rambo: Last Blood" following. Take all that with a grain of salt due to the limited amount of estimates available through them.

Boxoffice Report>>

BOR thinks that "Hustlers" is going to repeat as BP. He has that a fair amount ahead of his two next best of "Hobbs and Shaw" and "Angel Has Fallen".

Boxoffice Mojo>>

Mojo has "Ad Astra" way above everything else. In a distant second they have "Hobbs and Shaw" and in an even more distant third they have "Hustlers".

Theatre Counts>>

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" sees the biggest cut this week, losing 43% of its theatres. That probably takes it out of play for me. "Scary Stores to Tell in the Dark" also took a good hit, losing 37% of its theatres.

Older demos don't get a lot of love, but this week there's a little something for everyone at the box office. Mums will love "Downton Abbey", Dads will love "Rambo: Last Blood". I'm down on "Downton Abbey". Although a fan of the show, I think it was priced way out of contention for this week.