Coming Soon: Charlie's Angels

Becky Aurit

"It Chapter Two" might be doing scary things at the box office this weekend, but I am more in the mood for some humor and action, and a few female private eyes kicking butt. This week I watched the trailer for "Charlie's Angels," a reboot of the 2000 movie of the same name. In my opinion, the 2019 version looks a lot more fun than previous iterations of the franchise.

Most American moviegoers are familiar with the concept of "Charlie's Angels." A trio of attractive young women work as private investigators and occasional body guards, with their mentor/assistant/comedic relief, Bosley, and enigmatic boss named Charlie. In the latest iteration of "Charlie's Angels," the Townsend has expanded, and there are now multiple Angel teams and Bosleys all over the orld.

The trailer opens with a bewigged Kristen Stewart, who is apparently serving as a decoy, while her colleagues retrieve some stolen humanitarian aid money. What kind of person steals humanitarian aid money, anyway? A fight scene ensues, at the end of which we are introduces to the first Bosley, played by Patrick Stewart.

The "Charlie's Angels" preview then cuts to a scene showing scientist Elena Houghlin (Naomi Scott) sitting in a café with another Bosley, this time portrayed by Djimon Hounsou. The scientist has created an invention that could possibly be weaponized, meaning a bunch of bad guys are interested in acquiring it for nefarious purposes. Honestly, the reason for the villains to hunt the character of Elena aren't all that important. They are there to serve as a reason for her to become an Angel and provide us with a lot of fun action sequences.

Fortunately for the scientist, when she and Hounsou are attacked in the café, there is an undercover Angel (Ella Balinska) working as a waitress. The two women escape and flee to a huge mansion that is home to one of the branches of the Townsend Agency. There they meet up with Stewart's character and a third Bosley, played by Elizabeth Banks, who also directed the movie.

Wigs are a common theme in the trailer for "Charlie's Angels." Stewart hides her short, bleached hair under a frumpy brown bun to pose as a maid, and all three angels sport matching bobs in several scenes of the preview. Fortunately, it seems like "Charlie's Angels" is self-aware about the absurdity of the Angel's frequent costume changes, even joking about how many closets full of outfits and weapons are needed to prepare the women for a job.

The highlight of "Charlie's Angels" are the fun, fast paced action shots. In this trailer alone, you can see the Angels sky diving, multiple explosions, and a scene where Banks's Bosley is chasing the villains while driving backward in a car. Kristen Steward even poses as a jokey in one sequence, while wearing an absurd pink jockey's costume. Honestly, when I first heard that there was going to be a Kristen Stewart led reboot of "Charlie's Angels," I wasn't optimistic, but this trailer was able to change my opinion.

"Charlie's Angels" comes to theaters the weekend of November 15-17. While it isn't going to be awards fodder by any stretch of the imagination, it looks like it will make for a very fun trip to the movies.

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