Coming Soon: Little Women

Becky Aurit

I've always been drawn to the story of "Little Women." As a kid I had a very well-loved copy of the book, and I occasionally wished for a large family of sisters like the Marches.

When the 1994 adaptation of "Little Women" came to theaters, I immediately drug my Mom to the local cinema to see the film. Like many '90s teens, I wanted to be just like Winona Ryder, and could not comprehend how her version of Jo was able to choose Gabriel Byrne over a "Newsies"-era Christian Bale.

This week, the trailer for the latest adaptation of "Little Women" hit the Internet. Fortunately for fans of the March family, it looks like Greta Gerwig's take on the classic tale will not disappoint.

In one scene, Saorise Ronan's Joe declares, "Women, they have minds and they have souls… I'm so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for, I'm so sick of it!"

The first trailer for "Little Women" focuses on the hopes and dreams of the March sisters. Jo dreams of writing, and Florence Pugh's Amy declares that she will be a famous painter. Emma Watson's Beth seems to be the only girl who dreams of a traditional 1880s life, and poor Beth is notably missing from most of the scenes. We all know how things go for Beth.

In addition to the actors playing the March sisters, the rest of the cast of "Little Women" is an awards season dream. In spite of my Bale nostalgia, Timothée Chalamet does a great job as Laurie, the boy next door. Chalamet and Ronan nail Laurie and Jo's meet cute in the preview, when she is hiding on a couch at a dance because her only appropriate dress is scorched in the back.

Meryl Streep, is, well, Meryl Streep. As usual, she hits a home run with her performance. In this case it is Aunt March, the girls' wealthy relative, who is very concerned with their marital prospects.

In one of the earlier scenes in the "Little Women" preview, an editor tells Jo that her story should be "make it short and spicy, and if the main character is a girl, make sure she is married at the end." You should be worried, Mister Editor. Very worried.

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