Box Office Estimates for August 9-11

Todd Thatcher

An entire third of the FML Slate is brand new this weekend, but not one of them makes an appearance on my initial lineup. We have the Nickelodeon series live action adaptation "Dora and the Lost City of Gold", spooky Guillermo del Toro produced PG-13 horror tale "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark", Melissa McCarthy/Tiffany Haddish buddy comedy (wait... late 70s crime thriller!?) "The Kitchen", heartwarming dog flick "The Art of Racing in the Rain", and wrongful conviction drama "Brian Banks" all hitting theaters Friday.

Todd from here trying to sort it all out in a weekend where the newbies have a wide range of possibility. "Dora" could certainly nab the #2 slot after "Hobbs & Shaw", but I have it coming it just behind "The Lion King". As for "Scary Stories" or "Racing", either has a shot at topping my rather lowly projections. When it comes to "The Kitchen", I'm having a tough time buying a significant audience will turn out for these two popular actresses in such a departure without overwhelming strong word of mouth. And there's precisely none right now. The low theater count and lack of major publicity for "Banks" rules it out for me.

So... holdovers it is! And here's how I have the selected features performing:

"Hobbs & Shaw" - $28.5 million
"The Lion King" - $19.8 million
"Dora and the Lost City of Gold" - $18.7 million
"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" - $11.3 million
"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" - $10.7 million
"The Kitchen" - $10.4 million
"The Art of Racing in the Rain" - $7.8 million
"Spider-Man: Far From Home" - $5.1 million
"Toy Story 4" - $4.8 million
"The Farewell" - $2.8 million
"Brian Banks" - $2.3 million
"Yesterday" - $1.8 million
"Aladdin" - $1.3 million
"Crawl" - $1.1 million
"Annabelle Comes Home" - $441,000

That means I have "Hobbs & Shaw", "The Lion King", "Spider-Man", and a 5x "Yesterday" showing over the slew of fresh options. What say you?