FML Spotlight

Jeffery Barefoot

Hello fellow FMLers!

Welcome to the Weekly FML Spotlight! My name is Jeffery but you may know me better as Katniss Cinnaplex. Each week I'll be highlighting the top players in all of the public leagues (FML League, Monthly Matchup and Season Showdown) and tracking the race to the top of the leaderboards.

One week after a widely played perfect cineplex (PC) the box office has provided a much rarer version that only 43 players were able to pinpoint. Aladdin won its second Best Performer (BP) bonus and was part of the PC for the fifth time in seven weeks of release. Once again pricing was on point with many lineups within $1 million of the PC. In the end only one lineup could win the bonus; this week that honor went to three screens of Toy Story 4, two screens of Aladdin, and one screen each of Avengers: Endgame, Rocketman and Godzilla.

Season Showdown

The number of players with perfect seasons has slowly whittled down to only five remaining. While it may seem a little far-fetched that five of the perfect cineplexes hit a PC that was only played 29 times in the league, it may be easier to believe once you know that these five players are part of one of FML's power groups colloquially known as the Triangles. This goes to show that working together in groups can be very beneficial! Check out to find current leagues or to create one of your own! Here are the five perfect cineplexes for Summer season: 3rd Degree Burns, Z's Summertime Zoetrope, Brando, 2001: A Cineplex, and Webslingers for President.

Monthly Matchup

July's monthly contest started off with a bang for 24 players including Z's Summertime Zoetrope, Sweep the Leg, Billion Dollar Cineplex, 2001: A Cineplex and Nothing Like a Good Joke as the top five! This contest will run four weeks with the top three players earning prizes! This month we'll see new releases of Stuber, Crawl, The Lion King, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and more!

The FML League

The FML League is the one-stop, go-to league for all players in Fantasy Movie League. There is a new contest every week so, naturally, it is nearly impossible to win without an excellent tiebreaker score. The tiebreaker this week was to guess the Friday box office gross for Spider-Man: Far From Home: $32,680,863. Normally with a rare PC such as this you may think that a $500,000 difference would be enough to put you at the top but that would have netted you a tenth-place finish. Even Sweep the Leg's $32,175 variance wasn't close enough as Z's Summertime Zoetrope swooped in with a guess only $5,554 less than the actual to earn a Team America: World Police poster signed by Trey Parker & Matt Stone along and an FML "Winner" t-shirt. Rounding out the top five were Billion Dollar Cineplex, 2001: A Cineplex and Nothing Like a Good Joke.

This weekend players will be competing for a Battle of the Sexes visor signed by Billie Jean King and Emma Stone along with an FML "Winner" t-shirt. Good luck, and don't forget to set those tiebreakers!