Coming Soon: Crawl

Becky Aurit

If summer audiences like shark movies, they will certainly flock to a movie about murderous alligators, right? After all, alligators are scary on land as well as in the water. They even can show up at your neighborhood golf course, though fortunately the one near my house only gets as scary as the rare surprise deer. This week I watched the trailer for "Crawl," a movie that pits humans not only against some vicious reptiles, but also the threat of nature herself.

In "Crawl," the state of Florida is being evacuated because of a severe hurricane. When our plucky heroine Haley Keller (played by Kaya Scodelario) is unable to find her father with the evacuees, she returns to their family home in order to look for him.

Somehow Dad (Barry Pepper of "Battlefield Earth" fame) has become stuck in a crawl space under the house. I know that a dangerous confined space is where I would head if faced with a serious hurricane, rather than hightailing it to my car. When trying to find a way to free him, Haylee is suddenly pulled off camera by something mysterious, which turns out to be one member of a gang of alligators that has taken over the town in the rising flood waters.

It appears that most of the scares in "Crawl" will end up being of the jump variety. When rescuers show up in an inflatable life boat, one of the men is immediately pulled into the crawl space by an unseen gator. An alligator also jumps out to bite Haylee's gun fielding hand, which doesn't have good results for the reptile's life-span. There is also a shot of a dog swimming through the town. If there are jump scares involving the dog, I will not be a happy camper.

The final scene of the preview for "Crawl" involves a showdown between Haylee and one of the alligators in a bathroom shower. In gator vs. shower, my money is on the gator, but we'll see how it turns out when "Crawl" arrives in theaters.

When I first watched this trailer, my mind went to the 2018 movie "Hurricane Heist," probably because it tried to combine a storm movie with another type of action flick. Hopefully, hurricanes and alligators does better that hurricanes and heists, when "Crawl" comes to theaters the weekend of July 11-13.

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