Box Office Estimates for June 14-16

Todd Thatcher

Having any rebooted franchise anchoring my lineup is a dubious proposition after the flops "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" and "Dark Phoenix". Yet for now, I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Todd from here bringing you my take on the weekend ahead as Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson take over the sunglassed alien crime fighters in "Men in Black: International" and "Shaft" is rebooted to become even more of a family affair. We also have two comedies - the critically appreciated "Late Night" with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling and "The Dead Don't Die" with Adam Driver and Bill Murray (reviews are not so strong).

Let's be real... if "Dark Phoenix" could only reach low 30s for an embarrassing floor in the X-Men franchise, "Black" could have a dark debut as well. I currently have it reaching low 40s, but we shall see if that keeps up as the week rolls along.

I'm not exactly confident in any of the other newbies either. That means the new Galaxy Defenders lead a lineup packed with holdovers. However, let's see if the original MIB lead Will Smith ends up getting a multiple play with "Aladdin" eventually.

Here's how I have the selected features performing:

"Men in Black: International" - $42.2 million
"The Secret Life of Pets 2" - $22.4 million
"Shaft" - $18.3 million
"Aladdin" - $15.7 million
"Dark Phoenix" - $11.8 million
"Rocketman" - $8.2 million
"Godzilla: King of the Monsters" - $7.1 million
"Late Night" - $5.2 million
"John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" - $4.7 million
"Avengers: Endgame" - $3.9 million
"Ma" - $3.6 million
"The Dead Don't Die" - $1.8 million
"Pokémon Detective Pikachu" - $1.6 million
"A Dog's Journey" - $760,000
"Booksmart" - $742,000

And that leaves me playing "International" along with "Rocketman", "Endgame" 4x, and "Ma" 2x. What say you?