Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone


There wasn't much doubt heading into the weekend that "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum" would end "Avengers: Endgame's" three-week run atop the box office, but not many anticipate the sheer trouncing that "John Wick 3" put on the box office this weekend. Projections from ProBoxOffice climbed from the mid-40's to $52M by the time the weekend began, and "John Wick 3" just poured more on to end up grossing $56,818,067. That number already tops the total domestic gross of the original, and "John Wick 3" seems poised to overtake its predecessor by the end of the month. It's odd to see a franchise actually continually gain steam like the "John Wick" franchise has, but its trajectory is quite similar to another aloof assassin: The original "Bourne" trilogy also saw its grosses climb with each successive entry. Hopefully, that doesn't mean we're getting "The Wick Legacy" next… Unless it's just about his dog being an assassin. Then I'm in.


Low priced movies can be tricky in FML; just one little thing can swing them from meaningless to a Best Performer Bonus win. That was certainly the case this week with the last movie on the slate, "Shazam!" Priced at a mere $6 Bux, just a little boost like going to discount theaters for the first time (yes, this is something I've seen the hardcore FMLers track closely) can be all the difference. Whatever the case may have been, this weekend was a good one for "Shazam!," as it posted its second consecutive week where its per theater average actually increased from the previous week. "Shazam!" grossed $660,710, which was good for $110,118/Bux and a close BP win over "John Wick 3."

562 players had almost the perfect strategy this week: pair "John Wick 3" with the right higher-priced movie in screen two, and hope to nail the final six screens. That led to a Most Played Cineplex of "John Wick 3" x1/"Endgame" x1/"Long Shot" x1/"Captain Marvel" x1/"Shazam!" x4. However, with "Shazam!" taking the BP, "Captain Marvel" is booted from the PC, giving us a much harder to find PC of 5 x "Shazam!" that grossed $108,437,039 after including $15M in bonuses. Good work to the 102 players who screened this week's PC!

Over in the Season Showdown, there are two weeks left in the 14 week Spring Season. Jenny Beavan's Leather Jacket currently has a close lead over Jorge P with The Good Plex rounding out the top 3. It's tightly bunched for how late it is in the season, so it's still anyone (in the top 40 or so's) ballgame!

A Whole New Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend in the US, and we have three new wide releases coming for the four day weekend. The biggest of those is Disney's "Aladdin," which, I don't care what you say, I'm excited for. Sure, these Disney Live Action Re-imaginings are the cinematic equivalent of a run up the middle on first and 10, but I haven't seen Charismatic Will Smith in ages and I am excited for that! Please don't let me down Big Willie Styles. Besides that, we have "Booksmart," which is being billed as the "female ‘Superbad,'" and "Brightburn," which is being billed as… the "horror ‘Superman?'" (h/t to Angry Geek for that comp.) Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!