Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

Game Over

This weekend gave us our first legitimate challenge to "Avengers: Endgame's" box office throne in "Pokemon Detective Pikachu." While "Pikachu" scored high in early tracking metrics, prognosticators soured on the prospect of a box office win, which was proven correct. "Endgame" scored its third box office crown with a gross of $63,299,904. "Endgame" has now soared to $725M domestic and $2.5B global, putting it at third all-time domestic and second all-time globally. It shouldn't take long for "Endgame" to supplant "Avatar" on both the domestic charts (where it needs about $40M) and the global charts (still about $250M off), but I still question if it will catch "Star Wars: The Force Awaken's" $937M domestic total. My money is still on "no" for what it's worth, as this summer just has too many major movies coming out to continue the run unabated like "The Force Awakens" was able to do.

You Shall Not Pass the Bonus Bar

Many FMLers thought this was one of those weeks that was hard until it wasn't. If you're like me and the 602 other players that screened the Most Played Cineplex of "Endgame" x1/"Tolkien" x 4/"The Curse of La Llorona" x2/"Student of the Year 2" x1, you were very likely staring a lot of options you didn't like until you saw that Tolkien had made $240k in previews, a good number for a movie that figured to attract an older audience and only needed about $4M to ensure a Best Performer win. However, Tolkien ran out of steam as soon as it found it, grossing just $2,200,537 and finishing 11th in $/Bux value.

Intruder Alert

Mother's Day can prove to be a tricky holiday for some movies. It's not often that movies are negatively affected - Although "Pikachu" may beg to differ there - but sometimes those that are positively affected can come from the unlikeliest of places. While FML rightly assumed "The Hustle," "Long Shot," and even "Captain Marvel" may see an increase thanks to the holiday, "The Intruder" was not considered a Mother's Day bump candidate. However, it seems "The Intruder" did had fortuitous timing on its side. (Pro tip: scour weekend recaps from sites like Variety & Deadline to get an idea of audience profiles. "The Intruder's" chief demo its opening weekend? Older females at 39 percent of its audience. Guess it did make sense for a Mother's Day bump!) "The Intruder" turned what figured to be a close race into a runaway, grossing $7,190,325, which was good for $117,814/Bux and an easy BP win in a shocker to the FML community - "The Intruder" was the second-least used movie on the slate this week.

The Perfect Cineplex race proved to be a tough pill to swallow for those who thought more anchor volume was the way to go. There were many combos that looked solid with "The Intruder," but the over-performance of "The Intruder" meant you needed to stuff as much of it in your Cineplex as logically possible. That led to a PC of "Pikachu" Friday x2/"The Intruder" x6, which grossed $101,293,358 after including $17M in bonuses.

Carpe Dinero

This week marks the end of the competitive Box Office Beatdown league that featured the biggest cash prize in FML history, $10,000. The lead bounced between several competitors, but ultimately landed with Carpe, who takes down the prize! (Assuming they're eligible for said prize.) Congrats!

Going to the Dogs

Man, someone really messed up their scheduling this week. Dog lovers have to choose between two of the biggest dog movies of the year this week in "A Dog's Journey" and "John Wick 3: Parabellum." Not sure how that group will shake out, but the big story is whether or not "John Wick 3" can deliver the franchise its first box office weekend win. ("John Wick" never finished higher than second and "Chapter Two" never finished above third.) Finally, for people who hate dogs I presume, we have "The Sun Is Also a Star." Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!