Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

No End in Sight

To absolutely no one's surprise, "Uglydolls" could not knock off "Avengers: Endgame" from the top of the box office, giving us a back-to-back champion. "Endgame" racked up an astounding $147,383,211, the second-largest second weekend ever behind "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and its $149M second weekend. "Endgame's" box office blitz continues to astound at record proportions, as it now sits in ninth place in all-time domestic grosses and second place in all-time worldwide grosses. By the time we get to next weekend, "Endgame" will likely have made it as high as fifth on the domestic charts. "Endgame" seems more than poised to take "Avatar's" $2.7B global record, but can it pass "The Force Awaken's" domestic record of $936M? It's going to be close. Here's how close if you ask me. "Avengers: Infinity War" grossed 71% of its $679M domestic haul in its first 14 days. Assuming "Endgame" acts roughly the same from here on out, its domestic gross will end at… $933M. I'll be keeping tabs on this one until "Endgame" exits theaters… And who knows when that'll be. My money is on

Meanwhile here in FML, the dominance of "Endgame" continued to suffocate the rest of the box office. No movie hit FML Pricing's implied Bonus Bar of $125k thanks to no one being able to recover in the wake of the $147M. Pricing nearly nailed the splits, but ultimately, Saturday won out as BP, scoring $122,808/Bux, which was about $3k ahead of Sunday and $4k ahead of Friday.

Do Ya Feel Lucky Punk?!

With the Saturday BP win and the way the box office and pricing shook out, getting that $5M PC bonus meant you needed to win what was essentially three pricing coin flips. First up was "Breakthrough" and "The Curse of La Llorona," both priced at $38. "Breakthrough" wound up retaining nearly all its theaters and won that battle. Next was "Little" vs "Dumbo," priced at $18 and $17 respectively. "Dumbo" managed to find just enough juice (maybe from those few drive-in pairings with "Endgame") to win that battle by about $100k. Finally, it was "Pet Sematary" vs "Penguins," both priced at $6. With Earth Day well in our rearview and another penguin documentary available on Hulu, "Pet Sematary" won this battle handily. That gives us our coin flips PC of Saturday x1/Sunday x1/"Breakthrough" x2/"Dumbo" x2/"Pet Sematary" x2, which grossed $125,489,059 after including $7M in bonuses. Well done to the five PC players this weekend!

Clued In

It's Mother's Day weekend, and we have a slew of new releases for Mom to enjoy. For a lighthearted comedy, we have "The Hustle." For a… lighthearted… comedy… we have "Poms!" For the moms who don't need childish laughter, they can watch "Tolkein." And for the moms willing to quiet their kids and do what they want, we have the big release of the weekend, "Detective Pikachu." Finally, we have "Student of the Year 2" looking to capture that niche Bollywood audience. Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!