Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone


Despite numerous new releases coming for the crown, "Shazam!" cruised to #1 at the box office with a gross of $24,453,514. Before the start of next week, "Shazam!" will likely cross $100M domestic, a feat regularly accomplished by star Zachary Levi. At this point though, it will not be Levi's top grossing movie off all time. You would think Levi's top movie was 2010's smash hit "Tangled," right? Nope, it's No. 3. He was also in a large chunk of "Thor: The Dark World," so that has to be No. 1, yes? Try again! No, Zachary Levi's top grossing movie of all time (for which he was a principle member of the cast - so no, "Thor: Ragnarok" doesn't count) is… "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel." That thing grossed $220M domestic. Man… 2009 was a wild time.

Missing Dollars

If you were a Most Popular Cineplex player in either the FML League or the Season Showdown, you had a pretty bad week.

In the FML League, the MPC was "Missing Link" x6/"The Best of Enemies" x2 and… Well, good thing every week is a new season there. Laika, the animation studio behind "Missing Link," are once again doomed to diminished returns as "Missing Link" finishes last in value on the slate with a paltry $5,944,950 and a ninth-place finish at the box office.

For Season Showdown MPCer's who played "Shazam!" x1/"After" x7, the journey was a bit more interesting. Saturday morning estimates put "After" as a runaway Best Performer with a projected weekend of $7.7M. However, "After" proved to be one of the more frontloaded movies in recent memory, with projections dropping to $6.2M and knocking "After" out of the running for BP before finally settling at $6,002,349. How was such a precipitous drop even possible? Well, thank the audience for that. "After" was originally a One Direction fan fiction novel. If you compared "After" to "One Direction: This is Us," the cliff dive from Friday to Saturday was a bit more expected.

Always in the Plan

With many players counting on a new release for their BP this weekend, those who went to holdovers took a bit of a risk/reward tactic. Of that group, not many went with "Unplanned," likely thanks to being burned by it last week. However, it's good to have a short memory in FML, and it's really good this week in particular. "Unplanned" held on to a lot of its theaters from its expansion last week, and while a 45% drop isn't great week over week, it was good enough for its price tag. "Unplanned" grossed $1,763,957, which was good for $76,694/Bux and a BP win over "Shazam!" Your PC this weekend ends up as "Shazam!" x2/"Pet Sematery" x1/"After" x1/"Unplanned" x4, which grossed $84,710,412 after including $13M in bonuses. It was a tough one this week, as only 15 players screened the PC this weekend. Good job!

We're now halfway through the Spring Season, but it might already be over with Doof Warrior building a $20M lead on the competition. $20M is a tough number to catch, but with some big releases coming down the pike, the season is far from over. Jorge P sits in second with john.haraldstad's Cineplex now in third place.

The Weeping Woman Cometh

Three new wide releases enter the mix this Easter weekend. The biggest of the group is "The Curse of La Llorona," which is somehow already the sixth movie in "The Conjuring" universe. If you're keeping score at home, that means WB is juggling at least three shared universes along with DC and The Wizarding World. Also coming out this week is the eighth movie from the Disneynature Universe, "Penguins." Fun fact: Disney is managing three shared worlds - Marvel, Star Wars, and Disneynature - and Sam Jackson is in ALL OF THEM! That's a real fact! Finally, we have "Breakthrough," the first movie in the Breakthrough Universe. Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!