Coming Soon: Dark Phoenix

Becky Aurit

Greetings from the Crescent City, Fantasy Movie League. Or more specifically, from the tarmac at Louis Armstrong International Airport. I've spent the week eating my way through New Orleans, and now it is time to head back to the real world and it's movie trailers.

Fortunately, the return to normality is made a lot easier by the fact that my favorite (and everyone else's) show, "Game of Thrones," is returning soon. In honor of that, this week I watched the trailer for "Dark Phoenix," starring Sansa Stark herself.

Like "Captain Marvel," "Dark Phoenix" is set in the 90s. Unlike "Captain Marvel," it looks pretty mediocre. The movie centers around Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) who gets Phoenix powers after being hit by a solar flare.

The trailer for "Dark Phoenix" moves fairly quickly, and doesn't provide a lot of clarity about the movie. After we see the solar flare, the clip mostly consists of shots of Jean Grey attacking her fellow mutants, like Professor X and Beast. We are shown that Magneto wants to kill the Phoenix, while the rest of the X-Men are inclined to try to save her.

The most memorable thing about "Dark Phoenix" is the fact that Jessica Chastain was added to the X-Men cast for this film. She plays a villain who encourages Jean Grey's Phoenix to do evil deeds, and the performance comes off as hammy, at best. Jennifer Lawrence is notably missing from the "Dark Phoenix" preview, so I am not counting on the talented cast to elevate the quality of this movie.

"Dark Phoenix" is in theaters the weekend of June 7-9. With all of the Marvel Movies being released this year, I am inclined to skip seeing this one.

By the way, dogs are allowed inside bars in New Orleans. Bar dogs are much better than the "Dark Phoenix" trailer.

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