Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

Operation Dumbo Drop

No huge surprises at the top of the box office as "Dumbo" takes the box office crown from "Us" this weekend, although the margin left something to be desired. "Dumbo" opened to a paltry $45,990,748, a number that would be great for many movies. However, when you have a budget of $170M tied to a beloved property from the money-printing factory that is Disney, $46M domestic just doesn't cut it. Of the 10 movies that Disney has released that are part of their Live Action Reimaginings, "Dumbo's" opening ranks seventh of the 10, beating only 1996's "101 Dalmatians," 2016 domestic bomb "Alice Through the Looking Glass," and 2016 "microbudget" title "Pete's Dragon." (Look, when you're Disney, $65M counts as a "microbudget.") Not too surprisingly, "Dumbo" found itself in last place in the $/Bux rankings at $65,701/bux.

The Perfect Plan

If there's any genre FML has a difficult time nailing down, it's the faith-based film genre. Legends were born way back in Summer 2015 when "War Room" threw the whole of FML into a tizzy as it took a runaway Best Performer win, and the ride has remained rocky ever since. When you bet on a faith-based film in FML, you're taking a leap of faith of your own. This week, the leap proved to be very fruitful with "Unplanned," and R-rated faith-based film from specialty distributor Pure Flix. Pure Flix has been doing its own distribution since 2015, and in that time, they have only had one movie debut above $5M - 2016's "God's Not Dead 2." Pricing made it so that "Unplanned" would have to break that barrier, which it did with ease. "Unplanned" debuted at $6,382,298, which gave it an easy BP win with $127,646/Bux, more than $25k ahead of second place.

Stick with Us

With the BP race all but over after Sunday estimates came in, the race for the PC was much more uncertain. Of the three viable anchor movies this weekend, "Captain Marvel" provided the most value, raking in $96k/Bux. Four screens of it led your PC throughout the weekend estimates. For another anchor to enter the PC conversation, "Unplanned" was going to need to blow away the competition, and that's exactly what it did. Despite finishing 12th in value for the weekend, "Us" proved to have just enough in the tank to anchor a PC of "Us" x1/"Captain Marvel" x1/"Unplanned" x6, which grossed $109,187,692 after including $17M in bonuses. That lineup finished about $1M ahead of the best "Captain Marvel" x4 lineup, which included two screens each of "The Beach Bum" and "Unplanned."

Sometimes Dead is Better

Three new wide release enter the mix this weekend, with the big release being "Shazam!" from the beleaguered DC Extended Universe. Unlike many DCEU movies, this appears to have some joy attached to it, as well as that coveted Certified Fresh seal. Also releasing this week is the remake of "Pet Semetary," which is getting good reviews so far… Maybe reborn is better after all? Finally, we also have STX Entertainment's "The Best of Enemies," a movie that doesn't even have a rating listed on Box Office Mojo… That has to be a good sign. Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!