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Becky Aurit

I like to tie in my trailer viewing with the weekend's new release, so normally I would try to find a horror film to go along with the debut of "Us." I've got a lot going on right now, so I decided to do a 180, and look for a light-hearted comedy to cover. This week I watched the trailer for "Little," the upcoming movie from the producers of the highly successful "Girls Trip." Not only is it silly, but as a bonus, the commercial for "Little" has been playing non-stop during the television shows that I watch.

"Little" stars Regina Hall, who was also one of the leads of "Girls Trip." She plays Jordan, a shrewd business woman who is, according to her character, "big and rich." Jordan is rude and bossy. She pushed her neighbor kid, drives dangerously, and calls her assistant at all hours of the day. Finally, she goes too far and insults a young girl, who uses a toy wand and wishes that Jordan was her age, so that the girl could teach Jordan a lesson.

Since "Little" is a comedy, the next day Jordan actually wakes up as a younger version of herself. Young Jordan is played by Marsai Martin, who is part of the cast of "Black-ish." Marsai Martin is talented for a child actor, and has solid comic timing, so I don't mind the idea of watching her in a comedy that is targeted at an adult audience. That is a pretty impressive feat for a kid from a network sitcom.

The rest of the trailer for "Little" consists of scenes featuring Young Jordan and her assistant April, who is portrayed by Issa Ray, and is the only person that knows that Jordan was struck by a spontaneous case of Benjamin Button disease. April agrees to cover for Jordan at work, in exchange for a promotion. Some of the jokes that are exchanges by the two women in these scenes seem mean spirited to me, but that fits with the way the characters are intended to be viewed.

Eventually a CPS employee visits our protagonists, insisting that Young Jordan needs to be enrolled in elementary school. Instead of wearing children's clothes to class, on the first day Young Jordan sports a bright pink pants suit. That bit actually made me laugh out loud when watching the trailer for "Little," especially since I can't imagine ever voluntarily wearing a pants suit.

The final member of the cast is Justin Hartley, also known as one of the dudes from "This is Us." Hartley plays Young Jordan's attractive teacher, which is obviously a set up for some uncomfortable jokes. I don't watch "This is Us," because I have a cold, black heart, but the internet has led me to believe that it is kind of a popular show, so he could attract some viewers to "Little."

I didn't care for the final scene in the "Little" preview, but overall it looks like a fun and easy-to-watch movie. "Little" is coming to theaters the weekend of April 12-14 and is worth keeping an eye on from a Fantasy Movie League perspective.

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