Would you like to build a lineup?

Lindsay Chrapko

Each Thursday I'll give a little breakdown on how to build your lineup with the information readily available to everyone, especially if you don't know where to start.

this can always change pending preview numbers and are by no means a guarantee to win

It's wasn't much of a roller coaster ride even though it was the right play. 'Wonder Park' took BP handily, and if you gambled right on the last two screens, you got the PC.

As much information as you can gather, preview numbers will always factor in for the week, and 'Wonder Park' smashed it.

Cineplex Builder

$83k is a great place to start, but as you should have realized by now, this is just a base line, and assume it will go up by the weekend.

Bonus Bar

Guyett has his bar set to $90k. If you read the thread, you'll realize that a lot of 'Us 'players feel this is low and that at least 1 movie will exceed it by a lot.


A very bold BSA!! What BSWhite has done here is two fold. Not only is he saying that 'Captain Marvel' will not be BP, he's also saying it won't factor in the PC. That would mean he's banking on one movie anchoring his Cineplex this week instead of a 2x Captain Marvel play. This can be bold and dangerous if a lower-slated movie takes BP or another movie comes in lower than expected this weekend.

A few threads are missing as of this post, but look out for Phil's Fandango Check and Waco Kid and Nux's Comp threads.

Boxoffice Pro

BOP (I'm sticking with that because it sounds fun ;P) is saying 'Lego Movie 2' is taking the weekend for BP, they have 'How to Train Your Dragon 3' in second and 'Captain Marvel' third. Another thing to notice is all the top lines would anchor with a 2x 'Captain Marvel' play.

Boxoffice Report

BOR has 'Us' edging out 'How to Train Your Dragon 3 and Captive State.' Having 'Us' as BP also makes it the anchor, and it's a battle of filler following it.

Boxoffice Mojo

Mojo is also looking at the lower end of the slate with 'Captive State' being BP, followed by 'Captain Marvel' and 'Madea Family Funeral. Again,' a 2x 'Captain Marvel' anchors these lines.

Theatre Counts.

Nothing got terribly gutted that wouldn't have been expected. Notables would be 'Cruel Intentions' 20th Anniversary getting 708 theatres, and 'Lego Movie 2,' 'Isn't It Romantic' And 'Green Book' losing 32-36% of their theaters.

Fandango Tracking

One data set many long term players look at is the Fandango Tracking that AKValley has been kind enough to do. This tracks presales, and is also the reason why weeks like last week, many players were on Wonder Park early. It is also the reason that many, many, players feel that all the "pros" are way off on their estimates for US, and that we're going to see it trend more like Halloween, that was released last year, than other movies you can compare it to (Get Out, A Quiet Place, The Nun).

Your line this week will live or die depending on your anchor. There are many BP options that would lend to a 2x Captain Marvel lineup, and only a handful for US, but if you go by presales, you'll be anchoring along side me :).