Would you like to build a lineup?

Lindsay Chrapko

Each Thursday I'll give a little breakdown on how to build your lineup with the information readily available to everyone, especially if you don't know where to start.

this can always change pending preview numbers and are by no means a guarantee to win

Last week was very interesting at locktime :) Chaos ensued, and it was a hectic, frantic race to get lineups in. For those who did, 'Greta' wound up to be the way to go.

Gremlins are at it again it seems!!

This week has been a wee bit of a challenge. Normally I'd link a bunch of different threads, and they're out there somewhere in the FMLverse, unfortunately, I can only find a handful right now. We also have another split weekend in 'Captain Marvel.' Second week splits are always harder to gauge.

Cineplex Builder

We're starting the week off at 77.5k. Great starting point, and you'll find the bottom part of the slate won't be anywhere near that.

Phil's Fandango Check says 'Lego Movie 2,' 'Alita,' 'Fighting With My Family' and 'Greta' are DOA this week. Odds are, these movies are vying for worst performer this week. I swear it's in the chat somewhere! :)


BSWhite has gone a little bolder this week, going against one of the new movies, 'Five Feet Apart.' Some think he's not factoring in Cole Sprouse's audience draw.

Bonus Bar

I found the Bonus Bar! Lol. Guyett has it set at a respectable 80k.

Boxoffice Pro

BOP...er....PRO...um....still working on that, has 'Green Book' way ahead of everyone else, depending on how you split Captain Marvel this week.

Boxoffice Report

BOR is looking at 'Captain Marvel' Friday, if the splits I use are close, Saturday and Sunday would be next respectively. If my splits are off, he also has 'Green Book' in a good position.

Boxoffice Mojo

And all my computer-y type stuff goes down on me. I guess you'll have to figure out what they like on your own ;)

Theatre Counts

'Greta' got clobbered this week! Focus Features had to make room somewhere for the movie 'Captive State,' and it looks like 'Greta' took the brunt of it.

Seems as though I'll be winging it this week. No technology wants to co-operate with me. Lol. I'm currently eyeing one of the 'Captain Marvel' days to anchor and/or be a viable BP option for me, there's only 1-2 holdovers I consider having a shot amongst the rest of the slate. But only previews will tell. :)