Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

No Doubt

(That headline makes sense when you see the movie)

Like all Marvel Cinematic Universe ("MCU") movies, "Captain Marvel" was in a showdown with history as opposed to any substantial challenge at the box office. The first MCU movie in what felt like an eternity (or just eight months) became the seventh movie in the vaunted franchise to break $150M domestic in its opening weekend, checking in with an opening of $153,433,423, a number that is somehow a bit below expectations given projections above $160M even. However, with nearly half a billion in the bank globally and almost assuredly on its way to being the seventh MCU movie in the "three comma club," I doubt Disney cares much about our projections. However, in FML, when you don't hit your projection, you don't tend to bring home the Best Performer bonus. That's the case here too, as "Captain Marvel" will have to settle for second place in the BP race.

Spider-First to Spider-Worst

For the second week in a row, the bigger winners were the FML Pricing team, with a slate that managed to keep everyone on their toes and the whole of FML flummoxed. Really, only one movie did truly bad, and that was last week's BP winner, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse." Surely though, not many people played it after getting gutted from theaters, right? Well … To the 237 players that played the Most Played Cineplex of "Captain Marvel" Friday x1/"Captain Marvel" Sunday x1/"A Madea Family Funeral" x1/"Spider-Verse" x5, some friendly advice - check those theater counts before you lock in your lineup. They can be your saving grace.

Gretta World Peace

(Look, if Metta World Peace can use two t's, so can I)

One argument a lot of FML players like to make for movies with particularly bad first weeks is how easy it is to achieve the incredibly low bar given to them week 2. And most of the time, this doesn't work out. (I'm looking at you, "Welcome to Marwen.") But then, there are those beautiful rare instances where the stars align and the logic pays off in spades. And hey, if a movie can go from best value one week to worst in the next week, why can't one go worst to first? That's just what "Greta" did, falling 51 percent to $2,188,430. It's not a great number for the real world, but FML is all about beating expectations. "Greta" did that just enough, edging out "Captain Marvel" Friday with $121,579/Bux and a BP win. It makes up the majority of your PC of "Captain Marvel" Saturday x2/"Greta" x5/"Spider-Verse" x1, which grossed $132,336,602 after including $15M in bonuses. Nice work to the 90 FMLers who played the PC!

Wonder Boy

Three new movies enter the slate this week, with hopes to fight over whatever scraps "Captain Marvel" is willing to let them have. Definitely well positioned to take on the sci-fi MCU action movie is… Another sci-fi action movie in "Captive State." Did you even LOOK at the calendar Focus? Besides that, we have a couple nice counter-programming options with the teen drama "Five Feet Apart" and the animated "Wonder Park." Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific, and we'll see you here next week!