Coming Soon: Shazam!

Becky Aurit

Happy Captain Marvel Day, Fantasy Movie League. Since Carol Danvers is striking big at the box office this weekend, I figured I'd watch the trailer for the next big superhero movie. No, not "Avengers: Endgame," even though that preview was awesome. Instead, I watched the trailer for "Shazam!" which I found to be surprisingly enjoyable.

In "Shazam!" a teenage boy named Billy becomes an adult superhero who is known as "Shazam!" At the beginning of the preview, Billy find a creepy, shadowy man in a cave. Totally normal, and not at all suspicious, right? The man commands Bill to say his name (Spoiler Alert: It's "Shazam!") which not only causes the teen to turn into a 30-something, but also provides him with some sort of built -n super suit.

Like the guy in the cave, Billy decides to go by the alias of "Shazam!" "Shazam!" basically a goofier version of Superman, since he has super strength and is incredibly fast. He is also able to electrocute things. That is a whole lot of powers, especially for someone whose brain won't be fully developed for another 11 years.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like this clip, but I actually thought it was cute and fairly funny. The best parts are watching Billy try to use his powers, often with less than stellar results. Our superhero catches a bus and is super excited about it. However, his buddy is there to remind him that the vehicle was only falling because "Shazam!" electrocuted it and almost killed several people. When "Shazam!" tries to leap a tall building in a single bound, he ends up crashing through an office window. Fortunately, his powers do come with some advantages, especially since nobody asks for ID when a fully-grown super hero tries to buy beer.

This spring is packed with super hero movies. I'll be seeing "Captain Marvel" this weekend, if we don't get the estimated 12 inches of snow that is expected. "Avengers: Endgame" is appointment viewing, to avoid spoilers. That gets me to my threshold of comic book movies, but I will look forward to watching "Shazam!" with my cats once it is streaming. Kitties love that guy from "Chuck."

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