Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

Movin' On Up

In a bit of a surprise coming into the week, "The Upside," which was priced to finish third by FML, takes the box office crown from "Aquaman" with a gross of $20,335,000. That number also represents $108,271/Bux and an easy Best Performer win, more than $30k/Bux ahead of second place.

This marks the first time a movie distributed by STX Entertainment took the top spot at the box office. STX and FML will always be linked in my mind, with both debuting in the summer of 2015. I can't help feeling like we watched STX grow up together, from the fledgling studio busting the box office with "The Gift" back in 2015 to just ending a January weekend for the second year in a row with a monster Thursday night number - last year, STX "Gerard'ed" us with "Den of Thieves," and now they "Hart'ed" us here.

Speaking of Hart, we shouldn't be surprised "The Upside" blew past expectations to go over $20M. I welcome someone to prove me wrong, but save his stand-up movies, I don't believe any movie with Kevin Hart on the poster in the last decade that was released in at least 1000 theaters in its opening weekend has grossed under $20M in its debut weekend. The man is money in the bank.

No Room This Week

While many of the top lineups were anchored by "The Upside," the Most Played Cineplex actually featured last week's anchor, "Escape Room," with 349 players loading up on "Escape Room" x7/"Second Act" x1. "Escape Room" did have a solid weekend with a third-place finish in value this weekend. However, with the great weekend by "The Upside," any lineup not featuring it prominently didn't exactly "escape" unscathed this weekend.

The Upside of Blanks

Priced at $188 Bux and the cheapest option at a hefty $39 Bux, if you wanted to load up the maximum five times on "The Upside," you needed to feel pretty good about it. With that pricing scenario, you had to eat two blanks, representing a $4M penalty to your gross. It's no wonder that 1474 players screened at least four screens of "The Upside," but you needed to be one of the 346 to be bold enough to take those two blanks to have the real win this weekend. 268 players selected the correct kicker screen of "Vice," giving us a Perfect Cineplex of "The Upside" x5/"Vice" x1/Blank x2, which grossed $116,010,830 after including $15M in bonuses and $4M in penalties.

Glass Houses

It's our first holiday weekend in the box office and our first "get out of the way of this one" movie of 2019. After the surprise success of 2017's "Split," everyone else chose to concede the weekend to the highly anticipated "Glass," which is the 12th movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Whether or not the world has needed a dozen "WHAT A TWIST!" movies is for you to decide, but that probably won't matter as "Glass" will almost assuredly trounce to a box office twin this weekend. Even more fun, "Glass" will be split in two sets of two days, so you can play it as a Friday/Saturday or Sunday/Monday. Also entering the slate will be "Dragon Ball: Broly." I don't know who or what a Broly is, so I'll just leave that there. Set you lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!