Coming Soon: Happy Death Day 2 U

Becky Aurit

Crazy death scenes? Check. Creepy baby mask? Check. 50 Cent music? Check.

This Valentine's Day, "Happy Death Day 2 U" comes to the theaters with Thursday previews. Fortunately, it appears that the sequel will be even more over the top than the original.

In "Happy Death Day," Tree Spellman (Jessica Rothe) relives the same day over and over, and each time ends with her being killed by a villain wearing a mask of her school's mascot. Yes, the main character is named Tree, and yes, their school's mascot is a giant baby. Babies make terrible mascots, and I tell that to the New Orleans Pelicans every year.

"Happy Death Day 2 U" picks up where the first movie left off, with Tree living happily after defeating her killer roommate. I thought it was bad when my college roommate left spilled orange juice to dry on our kitchen counter all day, so I obviously got off lucky. Unfortunately, the calm situation doesn't last for long, and Tree finds herself reliving the original death day again. This time, however, there is a new killer, and they are out to murder Tree's friends too.

If you have seen "Happy Death Day," the trailer for "Happy Death Day 2 U" is pretty much what you would expect it to be. There are lots of snappy one liners, and crazy death scenes, including one where Tree skydives wearing only her underwear. I enjoyed the original movie, and am a fan of campy horror, so I'll definitely be catching "Happy Death Day 2 U."

My only real problem with this movie is that the title is written in text speak, so I have had to keep typing "Happy Death Day 2 U." To you, to you, to you. It isn't that difficult.

"Happy Death Day 2 U" is being released the weekend of February 15-17. Between the holiday, and the fact that the only other new release is "Alita: Battle Angel," I think it is safe to say that the creepy killer baby will be the star of the Valentine's Day weekend.

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