Coming Soon: Us

Becky Aurit

Sorry, "Thor: Ragnarok." You were the most fun movie that I saw in 2017, but the best overall movie from 2017 was "Get Out."

Two weeks ago, the trailer for "Us," Jordan Peele's follow-up to 'Get Out' was released, and it generated significant buzz. When I asked my husband if he had watched it, his response was, "You have to write about "Us," but I am not watching the trailer with you. I already played it, and stopped half way through so that I wouldn't be spoiled." I am not going to spoil you, lovely FMLers, but I really think you should watch this preview.

Without giving too much away, I am really looking forward to "Us." Like "Get Out," it captures a very unsettling feeling, which is exacerbated by the fact that the characters are black people in an overwhelmingly white world. As a bonus, the cinematography is amazing.

Lupita Nyong'o leads the cast of "Us," and I don't think I have ever seen her give a performance that I didn't like. She is joined by her "Black Panther" co-star Winston Duke, whose character M'Baku was one of the highlights of that movie.

In spite of the suspenseful nature of the "Us" clip, I did have to laugh when the mother (Nyong'o) scolds her family for listening to a song "about drugs." Jordan Peele and I must have had some similar childhood road trip experiences.

"Us" is already pre-selling tickets. It is being released the weekend of March 15-17, and is guaranteed to be a winner at the box office.

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