Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

Spider-Man: Into the Money

It was close to a foregone conclusion that "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" would make it our fifth week in a row with an animated movie atop the box office. The main question was how much the stellar reviews and uber-popular IP would translate in a bit of a different way to general audiences. And while $35,363,376 may not be what many FML players were hoping to get for their $571 Bux, it was a solid start for Sony and represents the fifth-best opening for a Sony Pictures Animation movie, trailing the three "Hotel Transylvania" movies and "The Smurfs." However, with a $90M budget and a foreign opening being drowned by "Aquaman," it may be time to panic for Sony in terms of recouping their investment.

Dead in the Water

A lot of FMLer's were all about the new old release of the weekend, "Once Upon a Deadpool." The PG-13 recut of the Merc with the Mouth started its run on Wednesday with an ok $900k, and that was enough for 561 players to take the leap with "Spiderverse" x1/"Deadpool" x5/"A Star is Born" x2. After the opening $900k, "Deadpool" didn't add a whole lot more, finishing as your Worst Performer of the weekend. Bad week for Most Popular Cineplex players, as three of the five top Cineplexes started with "Spiderverse" x1/"Deadpool" x5.

Knockout Blow

If you follow any of the FML sharks around, don't worry: they were just as clueless as all of us. Lineups featuring packed screens of "The Mule," "The Grinch," and "Creed II" seemed to dot the many Cineplexes in last season's top 100. Yet only four people had the idea to just grab all three. In a tight race for Best Performer where three movies ended up within $800/Bux of each other, "Creed II" came out on top with a gross of $5,385,514, which was good for $79,205/Bux. Your PC needed a few things to break its way, but it ultimately worked out for "The Mule" x2/"The Grinch" x1/"Creed II" x5, which grossed $88,702,097 after including $15M in bonuses.

Float Like a Man, Sting Like a Bumblebee

Welcome to the final Christmas for about a decade that doesn't feature a "Star Wars" or "Avatar" movie. Not surprisingly, EVERYONE is trying to take advantage of the gap in the schedule. Disney looks to hold their turf with "Mary Poppins Returns" opening Wednesday. Then everyone else shows up, with Paramount actually transforming its franchise and rolling out a good movie in "Bumblebee," the DC Extended Universe looking to get back on track with "Aquaman," Jennifer Lopez back in her first live action lead role in nearly four years with the appropriately titled "Second Act," and finally Steve Carell getting inside his own head with "Welcome to Marwen." Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!