Coming Soon: Three January features

Becky Aurit

Greetings from a beach that is located somewhere other than Minnesota. I have been busy ignoring winter, with a mimosa and the book "The Meg." Unfortunately for me, and maybe for you, the cold weather is still going on in real life.

We are closing in quickly on winter's box office dead season, also known as January. This week I looked at three trailers for movies that could make or break your fantasy cineplexes in January.

The PG-13 Horror Movie

Remember "The Forest?" It opened to $12.7 million in January 2016. I fondly recall not playing it, because I had a meeting over lock time. PG-13 horror flicks can always be spoilers, especially when film releases are slow. Watch out for "Escape Room," which comes to theaters the weekend of January 4-6.

Watch the trailer for "Escape Room" on YouTube

The Dog Movie

Be careful, this one isn't a joke. In January 2017, "A Dog's Purpose" ended up being the key to a perfect cineplex, with an $18.2 million. I hate trying to predict how dog movies will do, but I'll still be paying attention to "A Dog's Way Home" the weekend of January 11-13.

Watch the trailer for "A Dog's Way Home" on YouTube

The Prestige? Drama

This movie has nothing to do with Joss Whedon, and the studio does not have the trailer posted on their You Tube channel.

"Serenity" stars Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey. It was written and directed by Stephen Knight, a prolific screenwriter. This seems like the kind of movie that could have been intended as an awards contender, so the fact that is coming out the weekend of January 25-27 does not bode well.

Watch the trailer for "Serenity" on YouTube

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