Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

Wrecking Crew

Here's a fun fact that probably won't surprise you: this weekend at the box office was the lowest of the year, with a gross of about $85M. The next lowest is the weekend of 9/21, which yielded a gross of $92M. Not too surprising considering the biggest "new" release of the weekend was a 25-year-old movie that was also well over three hours long. Not surprisingly, "Ralph Breaks the Internet" kept its hold on the box office, grossing $16,253,831. It was a little close for comfort though, as "The Grinch" was only $1.2M behind after losing to "Ralph 2" by almost $8M last weekend. "Ralph 2" has now grossed $140M domestic and $260M globally off a $175M budget. Given that most movies usually end up costing double their production budget, "Ralph 2" could actually be looking like a loss for Disney, but with the holidays upcoming, there's still time to make that money back.

You're a Mean One, Mr. Cooper

After getting a bit of a pricing gimme in the last weekend of November, sure they would rectify their mistakes for the first weekend of December, right? RIGHT? Maybe not. "A Star Is Born" had a heck of good weekend. After pricing was released, "Star" got an additional marketing push coupled with an IMAX release in anticipation of a strong Golden Globes nomination day, which came to fruition. And best of all for everyone I'm sure, "Star" ended up with a 34 percent increase in its receipts from last weekend, grossing $2,454,068. That was good for $81,802/Bux and a Best Performer bonus win. I couldn't reach Lady Gaga for comment on whether she was more excited about being nominated for Best Actress or nabbing her first Best Performer bonus, so I'm just going to assume it's the latter. "Star" paired quite nicely with "The Grinch" this weekend, and 609 players start December off right with a PC of "The Grinch" x3/"Star" x5, which netted $72,387,490 after including $15M in bonuses.

Few final notes from the box office this weekend:

"The Grinch" surpassed "Mission Impossible: Fallout" in domestic grosses and now sits in sixth place for 2018 with $223M, well behind "Deadpool 2" in fifth at $318M.

"Bad Times At The El Royale" closed this weekend with a lifetime domestic gross of $17.8M. Sounds like a bad time alright.

Start Your Engines

After another sleepy weekend, the holiday season is about to kick into overdrive. We have three new wide releases this weekend. First up is "The Mule," the second movie of 2018 directed by Clint Eastwood. Yes, it actually is the second - you forgot about "The 15:17 to London," didn't you? You forgot so much about it, you didn't even realize I put the wrong city in the title until I just now told you. Next up is "Mortal Engines," produced by Peter Jackson. Unfortunately for Peter Jackson, we didn't forget about "The Hobbit." And lastly for the new releases, we have the big one of the weekend, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," which could challenge for an award or two this season. Also entering the market this weekend is the PG-13 re-release of "Deadpool 2" titled "Once Upon a Deadpool." Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!