Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

Break the Cineplex

Disney has consistently owned Thanksgiving weekend, and this year is no exception as "Ralph Breaks the Internet" gives Disney its third straight Thanksgiving win. The sequel to "Wreck-It Ralph" managed to best the opening weekend of the original by close to 15 percent, and it was on the market for two days already. With an opening weekend of $56,237,627 within an opening five-day total of $84,750,405, "Ralph 2" scored the second biggest Thanksgiving opening ever, trailing only the behemoth that is "Frozen." Just to add to the accolades, at $99,360/Bux, "Ralph 2" also took this week's Best Performer Bonus in a tight race that saw six movies finish within $5k/Bux of the BP race. Nice job to Vincent Pricing and his cohorts this weekend for giving us a competitive slate to deal with.

End Runner

Most FMLers agreed on the first two screens of their Cineplex: "Ralph 2" and "Creed 2," as that combo appeared in the top 5 Most Common Cineplexes. 831 players paired them with another new FML release primarily, screening "Ralph 2" x1/"Creed 2" x1/"The Front Runner" x5/"Nobody's Fool" x1. While it seemed safe enough, it proved to be anything but as "The Front Runner" sputtered to the rear, finishing 14th in $/Bux value this weekend.

Giving to the Rich

It's not uncommon to see a commercial bomb do enough in FML to make noise; this is a game about expectations after all. So, while "Robin Hood" joins an illustrious list of box office bombs with only $15M grossed off a $100M budget, FML pricing actually expected an even worse outcome. Despite being unequivocally the biggest box office turkey of 2018, "Robin Hood" still managed to finish 4th in $/Bux value and make up half of your Perfect Cineplex. Your PC this weekend ends up as "Ralph 2" x1/"Robin Hood" x4/"The Nutcracker and the Four Realms" x1/"Nobody's Fool" x2, which grossed $104,606,504 after including $7M in bonuses. Nice work to the 208 FMLers who screened the PC!

It appears to be all over but the crying in the Season Showdown as BackseatDirecting now holds a $21M lead over The Majestic Starkplex with Feyd Rautha a few million more back in third. The Monthly Matchup could prove to be more interesting, with BackseatDirecting only up $5M over previous Season winner 20th Century Flops with Blink87 not far back in third place.

Time to wrap up with a couple more box office nuggets this weekend:

    • "A Star Is Born" officially entered the Top 10 domestic grossers of 2018 at $191M, pushing past "A Quiet Place." Expect that reign to be short-lived, with "The Grinch" a mere $11M behind.
  • "The Nun" is no longer on the run, ending its box office run with $117M domestic. It falls $20M short of the franchise leader for "The Conjuring" franchise, as the original made $137M.

The Possession of Fall's End

We wrap up the Fall Season next week with a whimper as there is only one wide release at the box office, "The Possession of Hannah Grace." Also entering the fray this weekend is indie breakout "The Favourite." Set your lineup by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!