FML Brackets: Best Football Movie

Patrick Reardon

Are you ready for some football?!? Hmmm. A smattering of applause. More than a few shoulder shrugs. The short 300-pound guy in the back wearing an Ezekiel Elliot jersey (who has never done anything remotely athletic in his lifetime) seems semi-pumped. Now a days when you ask people if they're ready for some football more often than not you'll get an indifferent, "I guess."

Granted football is still the most popular sport in the nation by a wide margin. It's not going anywhere anytime soon. Emphasis on the word, "soon." Between the mishandling of the national anthem debate (in which the NFL has remarkably turned off fans on both sides of the political spectrum), the lackadaisical reaction to player health/safety (but by all means Jerry Jones keep pimping a potential 18-game schedule), declining participation numbers in youth football and countless embarrassing off-field incidents (by both players AND owners/executives) I can see a world in the not so distant future where football gradually fades away.

I used to love football. Now I merely like it. Pretty soon I imagine I'll tolerate it. And several years from now I can honestly see myself not caring about it anymore. Freeing up a large chunk of 20+ Sundays every year seems pretty nice.

But don't let my football thoughts get you down. Because you know what's not depressing? Football movies! Which is why we're breaking out a bracket to determine the best football movie of all time. With very few exceptions the vast majority of these movies will put a smile on your face.


-32 movie bracket. As long as the subject matter revolved around football it was eligible. And granted films like "The Last Boy Scout," "Concussion" and "Jerry Maguire" are more "football adjacent," but allowing them in kept the like of "Air Bud: Golden Receiver" out of the bracket.

-Seeding is based on a combination of box office, cultural relevance, how well it's aged, quality of the football scenes, etc.

-And I'm well aware that "Brian's Song" was a TV movie. So what? It's absurd to have a discussion about the best football movies of all time without putting it in the mix.

There you have it. All you have to do is pick your favorite in each match-up. Even the Cleveland Browns' front office couldn't screw this up. Vote, spread the word and make impassioned pleas in the chatter.

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Best Football Moive