Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

Winning the War Once More

In what I guess isn't surprising, "Solo: A Star Wars Story" takes #1 this weekend with a gross of $29,396,882. That brings "Solo's" domestic gross up to $149M through 10 days, which is still not even ahead of "Rogue One's" opening weekend of $155M. Even for FML purposes, "Solo" continues a lackluster run, once again not finishing in the PC and clocking in with the fourth worst $/Bux of the weekend. Methinks the FML Hall of Shame has at least one new entrant from this weekend - and it's probably two when you consider "Action Point" and its ghastly $2.4M opening.

Lemme Upgrade Ya

Well done to pricing this week, as it was tough to find any consensus or to feel good about any BP options this weekend. The top two lineups this weekend were pretty heavy on the new BH Tilt microbudget thriller "Upgrade." "Upgrade" did end up with a pretty good weekend of $4.7M - heck, it almost doubled up "Action Point" - but at about $75k/Bux, the 407 players who took "Deadpool 2" x2/"Upgrade" x5/"Breaking In" x1 may have found the right anchor this week, but the wrong BP.

One Last Rampage

One of the weird quirks of the Summer Season is the number of times we get really low-priced BP winners. Last year saw a win from the 15 spot on the slate twice - "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" when it filled the Best of the Rest slot and "The Dark Tower" late in its run. Summer 2018 is looking like no exception thus far, as "Rampage" holds enough volume in theaters and with audiences to gross $620,437 - that was the second smallest week-to-week drop "Rampage" managed in what is surely its final weekend in FML.

Coming by the PC was not too easy though - with "Rampage" costing only $7 Bux and "Solo" continuing to plummet, finding some safe volume wasn't easy. The key this week was to go back to the movies most affected by "Solo" last weekend logically speaking - namely, the other "nerd" movies of "Deadpool 2" and "Avengers: Infinity War." 21 savvy players managed to correctly identify this trend and screened the PC of "Deadpool 2" x2/"Infinity War" x1/"Book Club" x1/"Breaking In" x1/"Rampage" x3. That combo grossed $79,576,332 after including $11M in bonuses.

Is Eight Enough?

Three new wide releases enter FML this weekend. First up, A24 is back with prestige horror this weekend with "Hereditary." Next, we have Global Road looking to find its first distribution hit with "Hotel Artemis." And finally we have the big one, "Ocean's 8," where Sandra Bullock looks to prove she can run a heist with only 72.7% of the resources George Clooney needed (‘cause she only needs 8 to his 11! Math jokes.) Set your lineup by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week.