Box Office Estimates for May 18 - 20

Todd Thatcher

Hey all, Todd from here bringing you my take on a weekend where Deadpool, Jane Fonda, beauty pageant canines, and Pope Francis enter the mix for consideration. Yes, we have "Deadpool 2", "Show Dogs", "Book Club", and "Pope Francis: A Man of His Word" debuting.

That means daily pricing for our favorite filthy superhero as Mr. Pool should easily achieve the year's third highest debut thus far. My overall forecast for it is $137.1 million. As for "Book Club", I have it premiering ahead of "Show Dogs" and that differs from the FML pricing gurus.

As much as I typically adhere to the rule of avoiding more than four pictures in my cineplex, rules are meant to be broken sometimes.

Here's how I have the selected features performing:

"Deadpool 2" (Friday) - $56.8 million

"Deadpool 2" (Saturday) - $45.3 million

"Deadpool 2" (Sunday) - $35 million

"Avengers: Infinity War" - $30.8 million

"Book Club" - $10.3 million

"Life of the Party" - $8.4 million

"Show Dogs" - $7.9 million

"Breaking In" - $7.2 million

"Overboard" - $4.7 million

"A Quiet Place" - $4.4 million

"Pope Francis: A Man of His Word" - $2.3 million

"Rampage" - $2.2 million

"I Feel Pretty" -$2.1 million

"Tully" - $1.2 million

"RBG" - $988,000

And that leaves me playing the Friday evening edition of Ryan Reynolds and company along with "Avengers", "Book Club", "A Quiet Place", and a four times showing of "Rampage". What say you?