Weekend Box Office Report

Phil Crone

The Man with the Golden Glove

No surprises at the top of the box office as "Avengers: Infinity War" wins its third (and likely final in its run) weekend with $62,078,047. That figure pushed "Infinity War" past $500M domestic and up to No. 8 all-time domestic, just past "The Dark Knight." Internationally, "Infinity War" also managed an incredible $200.0M opening in China, the second-highest opening ever in that country, just ahead of "The Fate of the Furious" and its $184.9M opening. "Infinity War's" weekend also pushes the Marvel Cinematic Universe past $6.5 billion domestically, although if you adjust for inflation, it's still behind the "Star Wars" franchise overall ($7.5B adjusted vs $7.1B adjusted).

Break On Through

It was Mother's Day weekend this past week, and the whole of FML seemed to be zeroed in on movies for dear old mom. Both "Life of the Party" and "Breaking In" appeared in over half of all FML Cineplexes this weekend, but the Most Played Cineplex only included one as the overwhelming preference. 2010 FMLer's opted for the high upside of "Breaking In" x7/"A Quiet Place" x1. Despite the large number of options for moms this Mother's Day, FMLer's attempted to take advantage of some pretty favorable pricing for "Breaking In" relative to its lofty pro projections, but did it live up to those projections? For FML purposes, that's a tricky question to answer.

Ready Player None

If you didn't see this week's Best Performer coming, you clearly were not alone, as only 17.4 percent of FMLer's even screened the BP, "Ready Player One." The cheapest movie on the slate this weekend grossed $892,682, but that was good for an easy BP win at $148,780/Bux. However, if you didn't see this week's BP coming, it didn't really matter. Despite the $2M bonus added to "Ready Player One's" weekend gross, it does not appear in your Perfect Cineplex this weekend. For only the third time in FML history, your PC this weekend includes no BP winner, as the Most Played Cineplex of "Breaking In" x7/"A Quiet Place" x1 takes your PC with a gross of $134,867,391 after including the $5M PC bonus.

Both previous cases where the PC did not include the BP are very similar to this week. Both instances occurred way back in Awards Season '15-'16. The first occurred in the final weekend of January when we saw "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" x6/"Ride Along 2" x2 take the PC despite a BP win by "The Big Short." The second occurred just three weeks later when "Kung Fu Panda" x7/"The Witch" x1 was your PC when "Star Wars" was your BP (turnabout is fair play indeed). Both cases were similar to this weekend - a lot of volume with high value beating a BP that didn't have a very high gross ultimately. It's always worth keeping a look out for those situations I suppose.

With nearly all the Top 500 on the PC, no change in the Seasonal Showdown Top 3, as Hulk SMASH! (R) maintains a solid lead over Member FML and Sharkus (VIVA).

The Multiverse is Here!

If you haven't logged into FML since lock, your screen probably looks… different. That's because FML rolled out a host of new features and leagues! I would suggest reading this for the full details. TL;DR - you can now set different lineups in different leagues! I've been asking for this feature for YEARS, so I'm excited! And there are three new leagues to join, including one I'm the commissioner of! Check the full post for the new leagues: The Monday Night Competition, The No Bonuses League, and The No Previews Leagues.

Pool Play

We have four new releases this weekend, including our second major superhero release of the month. Fighting over smaller pockets of moviegoers will be "Book Club," "Show Dogs," and "Pope Francis: A Man of his Word." However, the big one this weekend is "Deadpool 2," which is big enough to command daily split pricing this upcoming weekend, something we haven't seen in two whole weekends. Set your lineups by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific (well, for the main FML leagues - other lock times may be earlier now!) and we'll see you here next week!