Weekend Box Office: Black (Panther) Monday

Phil Crone

Hey everyone - did something come out this week? I didn't hear about much in the way of box office receipts this weekend ...


There's really not much to say about "Black Panther" other than it made an obscene amount of money. But what the heck, I'll try to contextualize. First, the obvious ones you've already seen:

  1. $202M domestic is good for the fifth largest FSS ever
  2. $242M domestic is the second-largest FSSM ever (granted, boosted by a holiday, but still incredible)
  3. Eighth largest Friday ever
  4. Fourth largest Saturday ever, just ahead of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"
  5. Second largest Sunday ever
  6. And finally, "Black Panther" edges out "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" by about $50k to net the largest Monday ever

And now a couple more fun ones I dug up:

"Black Panther" is already #12 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for lifetime domestic grosses, already just pulling ahead of "Doctor Strange."

"Black Panther" is also No. 25 all-time for comic book adaptations, just ahead of a couple notable major 2017 releases: "Justice League" and "Logan."

Finally, "Black Panther" has pushed movies featuring Andy Serkis past $10B in global box office receipts.


One way I can tell when FML has gotten an influx of new players is when I see a lot of blanks in the Most Played Cineplex. This weekend, 1022 players slammed in "Black Panther" Friday x1/"Black Panther" Saturday x1/"Maze Runner: The Death Cure" x1/Blank x5. While any FML veteran is already impressed with that lineup, perhaps even more shocking this weekend is that the most used "screen choice" in FML is what we call the "Intentional Blank." By that, we mean blanks that the player had to use because they had used all their Bux before they got to their final, or seventh, or sixth, etc. screen, with 12.5 percent of all "screens" being the intentional blank.

Ok, I'm going to guess you didn't do well this weekend if you're in that 1022 players. Here's what you need to do: go to fantasymovieleague.com/faq and either read that or watch FML Thousandaire Angry Geek's "How to Play FML" video. I think you'll do great this upcoming week. I believe in you.

Manic Monday

Pretty good rule of thumb in FML: if a movie grosses the highest ever total for a particular day, that day is probably going to win the Best Performer Bonus. So, of course, "Black Panther's" Monday gross of $40,151,729 takes your BP at a massive $182,508/Bux. Not too surprisingly, "Black Panther" was racing against itself from the word go, with the four days finishing 1-4 in the value race. The race for the Perfect Cineplex ended up being a little tougher to crack, thanks in no small part to the other two new releases, "Early Man" and "Samson," falling flat on their faces this weekend. In the end, you need to play to the holiday and add in a screen of "The 15:17 to Paris" along with two screens of "The Post" and one blank to hit a PC played by only three players! Needless to say, not a lot of people saw that coming. Well done to those who did!

Game On!

Three new releases are on tap for the final weekend of February. First up we have something we haven't seen in months with a heady sci-fi offering in the form of "Annihilation." Next, we have something I feel like we haven't seen in years with a couples comedy in the form of "Game Night." Finally, we have something we haven't seen in over a decade in a genuine wide theatrical release for Orion Pictures in "Every Day." Do you know what the last movie Orion released in over 1000 theaters was? That's right, it was 1997's "Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag!" You know, with Joe Pesci, David Spade, and ... others! Set your lineup by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!