Coming Soon: Father Figures

Becky Aurit

It must be the season for parental themed movies. Last week brought us "A Bad Mom's Christmas. This week we got "Daddy's Home 2". Next up, during Christmas weekend, we will see the release of the Owen Wilson and Ed Helms comedy "Father Figures".

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In "Father Figures", Owen Wilson and Ed Helms play a pair of twins, who learn that their mother does not know who their father is. Since this is a comedy, naturally they proceed to head out on a wacky road trip to try to find their father.

The movie was originally called "Bastards", but the title was recently changed to "Father Figures". With the success of the "Daddy's Home" franchise, I can only assume that the studio is trying to get movie goers to think that this movie is a remake of "Daddy's Home".

The first candidate for their father is Terry Bradshaw, who is a football guy who talks about football on television. Naturally, the twins play football with Terry Bradshaw and Ving Rhames. Ving Rhames makes some inappropriate jokes about their mother, which is a consistent theme throughout the trailer.

The next candidate for their father is a character played by J.K. Simmons. In typical J.K. Simmons fashion, he plays a character who is angry and yells a lot. Personally, I like it best when J.K. Simmons yells at perpetual box office disappointment Miles Teller, but I can settle for seeing him yell at Owen Wilson.

The final potential father is a doctor played by Christopher Walken. None of these guys look much like Owen Wilson or Ed Helms, but I suppose that is meant to be funny to the viewer. For some reason Owen Wilson ends up shooting Christopher Walken, which is neither funny nor useful in winning over a presumed family member.

I think that the studio should have hired Mark Wahlberg to play one of the candidates, to further capitalize on the success of "Daddy's Home". Yes, he may be a bit too young for the part, but Mark Wahlberg is a versatile actor!

As with any comedy preview, the trailer ends up with a bunch of random gag sequences. The twins have to get away quickly from a woman with a shotgun. They get stuck on a train track with a hitchhiker who may or may not be a serial killer. Finally, there are more inappropriate joke about the twins' mother.

In the past we have seen comedies like "Daddy's Home" do well over the Christmas holiday. However, I think that the fact that "Father Figures" is rated R will hurt its chances at the box office. Since it is competing with "Pitch Perfect 3", "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle", and the second weekend of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", I don't think that "Father Figures" will end up being a worthwhile play in our fantasy cineplexes.