FML Brackets: Scare Me Silly

Patrick Reardon

It's October. Halloween is right around the corner. Were you honestly expecting a rom-com bracket?

We're currently in that spooky time of year when horror movies seem to be playing on a loop and "Freddy or Jason?," is a frequent point of contention. But what horror movie franchise is the best? We're going to let the FML community decide.


-32-movie bracket of horror movies. In order to qualify as a franchise there had to be at least one sequel that received a theatrical release.

-We tried to keep this in the realm of traditional horror movies so a lot of franchises that blur the line between horror and other genres didn't make the cut. Genres such as sci-fi ("Alien"), action ("Resident Evil," "Underworld"), thrillers (the Hannibal Lecter movies), dramas ("Jaws," although its sequels are borderline comedies), etc.

-Seeding is based on quality, quantity, pop culture relevance, box office and the usual FML selection committee factors.

Don't over-think your vote. Just chose the franchise that brings you the most enjoyment.

Cast your votes, spread the word and make a case for your favorites in the chatter and on social media.

Best of last summer

Animation ruled the Summer of '17, and we don't mean the CGI type. Our battle for the best movie of the season came down to "Cars 3" versus "Despicable Me 3," with Gru and his minions taking down Lightning McQueen and the Radiator Springs gang. Don't agree? Only those who vote have the right to complain, so don't miss out on your chance to vote for your favorite creepy movie!

If you are on the FML App, you can view the bracket on Brackify:
Best horror franchise