Week 3 Estimates

Todd Thatcher

As we all continue to comprehend the grosses of "It" over the previous weekend, we turn to Week 3 as two new titles debut: the Jennifer Lawrence horror thriller "mother!" and Dylan O'Brien/Michael Keaton action flick "American Assassin".

Todd from www.toddmthatcher.com here bringing you my take on a weekend where it's pretty much impossible not to use some combo of "It", "mother!" or "Assassin" in your screen. If you don't, best of luck.

As I see it, here are the questions that should shape your lineup the most:

1) How far will "It" drop in weekend #2? We all saw over the weekend how well Pennywise held from Friday to Saturday to Sunday. I've got the Stephen King adapted juggernaut dipping about 52%.

2) Which newcomer will have the bigger debut in second place? That's a tough one. "Assassin" is priced higher and looks to debut on more screens. However, my gut feeling has Katniss outdoing Birdman by about a million and a half.

Those estimates have given me a mother!loaded lineup. Here's how I have the selected FML features performing. I'm also honoring the fact that we have two pictures with exclamation points in the mix...

"It!"- $59 million (FML Bux: $799)

"mother!" - $14.7 million ($143)

"American Assassin!" - $13.2 million ($167)

"Home Again!" - $4.5 million ($75)

"The Hitman's Bodyguard!" - $2.6 million ($41)

"Annabelle: Creation!" - $2.4 million ($32)

"Wind River!" - $1.85 million ($27)

"Leap!" - $1.5 million ($25)

"Spider-Man: Homecoming!" - $1.4 million ($18)

"Dunkirk!" - $1.25 million ($16)

"Logan Lucky!" - $965,000 ($14)

"The Emoji Movie" - $743,000 ($10)

"Despicable Me 3!" - $629,000 ($9)

"Girls Trip!" - $459,000 ($7)

"Best of the Rest!" - $448,000 ($7)

That provides me a lineup of "mother!" 6x along with "Home Again" and "Hitman's Bodyguard". Let's hope it floats. What say you, fellow FMLERS?