Week 2 Recap

Philip Crone

Well, that was something. There's really no other way to describe what we saw from "It" this weekend, that didn't even need a full weekend to smash many records.

It Lives

There wasn't a shadow of a doubt "It" would win the weekend, but the historic nature in how it won the weekend is stunning, as it rakes in an incredible $123,403,419 in its debut. Let's just check a roadmap of the records broken:

Largest September opening: Previously held by "Hotel Transylvania 2" at $48.5M, "It" broke this record before the clock struck Midnight on Friday heading into Saturday.

Largest Horror opening: I'm not sure it even took until noon on Saturday for "It" to bypass "Paranormal Activity 3's" $52.6M to smash that record.

Director Andres Muschietti was originally slated to direct "The Mummy" but left over creative differences. "It" only needed two days to soar past "The Mummy's" lifetime domestic gross of $80.1M.

2nd highest R rated opening ever: "It" didn't exactly get the cushy opening weekend "Deadpool" was given, but that didn't stop it from giving "Deadpool" a bit of a run for its money while crushing now third place "The Matrix Reloaded's" $91.7M debut.

Finally, by late Sunday night, "It" managed to swing by "Spider-Man: Homecoming" as the third biggest opening of 2017.

To summarize: "It" had a pretty good weekend.

Weekend at Dunkirk

As long as you loaded up with 2-3 screens of "It" this weekend, your season should be fine. Trying to figure out the filler screens in a week where the rest of the box office's prospects were about as ugly as Pennywise was a difficult prospect. The Most Played Cineplex of "It" Friday x1/"It" Saturday x1/"Dunkirk" x6, played by 794 people, was a safe enough play on a movie that has posted solid holds throughout its run. However, somehow, spending "just" $809 bux on "It" just didn't prove to be enough.

It-It-It Pays to Screen It

There were many ways to screen "It," but it was all about that sweet, sweet volume. Saturday was the biggest key, as that was ultimately your BP at $131k/Bux. Beyond that, the most "It" you could buy while still filling all eight screens was technically $892 Bux, but you could probably add the $45 from "Annabelle: Creation" to that total, as it saw a healthy "Drive-In Bump" thanks to "It." It was another tough week in FML, with only seven players nabbing the PC of "It" Saturday x2/"It" Sunday x1/"Annabelle: Creation" x1/"The Emoji Movie" x2/"The Nut Job 2" x2, which banked $134,398,000 after including $9M in bonuses. Well done!

This week gives us two new wide releases, both which confuse yours truly. First up is "American Assassin," a movie that I cannot figure out if it's an action movie or a thriller - maybe both? Second is "mother!," a movie that eschews all naming convention by not capitalizing its title and throwing an exclamation point on there and confuses me to no end - I'm hoping this is key to the plot.