FML Brackets: Third time's the charm

Patrick Reardon

This month "War for Planet of the Apes" will attempt what many film franchises have tried (but often failed) to do: produce a satisfying third movie. The third time is usually not the charm as most movie properties run out of steam by part three and are only in it for the money.
But not all part threes are bad so we're doing a bracket to figure out the best one. This bracket involves the good ("Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"), the bad ("Jaws 3-D") and the ugly ("The Hangover Part III"). It also includes the actual "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly."


-64 movie bracket. The only requirement is that a film is the third entry in a franchise. We here at FML consider both "Star Wars" trilogies to be their own entities (hence both "Jedi" and "Sith" are included).

-Some notable titles were left off because they fell into a gray area. While "Logan" was technically the third solo "Wolverine" movie he's popped up in the role too many times to consider it a proper part three. And while some consider "Skyfall" a part three, I beg to differ (it's actually number twenty three).

-Pick whichever film you enjoy more. Don't over-think it.

Cast your votes, spread the word and make a case for your favorite in the chatter.

Last bt not least, congratulations to "Kill Bill's" Beatrix Kiddo for emerging victorious from the fray of our best action movie heroine bracket. Too bad Quentin Tarantino didn't make it into a three parter, or Beatrix could go for the double.

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Best Third Movie in trilogy/series